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House Clearance Chesterfield

Job Description

We were called earlier this week by a lady that needed a house clearance in Chesterfield. She had recently got engaged with her partner and both of them made the decision of moving in with one another.

She currently lived with her three year old daughter, and thought had this decision was right for their future. Her partner already had a fully furnished house, meaning that she only needed to take a few of her home furniture and furnishings with her. They were planning to move in with one another and then find a family home where they can settle down in.

When she phoned Abacus House Clearance for the house clearance in Chesterfield, she said that she had already moved the items that she wanted to keep into the new house. This meant that the remaining contents of the house could be removed and disposed.

These goods were of reasonable good quality and could be of value to someone else, so rather than disposing all of the contents, we took some of them to the BHF.

Job Location


Job Type

House Clearance


2 Bedroom Semi Detached

Disposal of Contents

When we arrived at the two bedroom house, it was fairly empty, as most of their belongings had been removed. We began by clearing the smaller home decor items and putting them into two separate piles, one for donation and one of disposal. These items were then bagged and loaded onto the van.

The larger furniture from the house was then separated, along with any electrical appliances, kitchen appliances, clothing etc. This was then loaded, and sent to the BHF for donation. The customer was very happy with the decision of donating the items, as she knew that they could be of value to someone else, and it saved disposing valuable items. Clearing the house meant that the customer could have it cleaned and ready to be sold.

This house clearance in Chesterfield took a total of 5 hours to complete, and was fairly straightforward for the team.

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