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House Clearance Service in Canterbury Kent

Canterbury House Clearance Requirements

Our client in this case had inherited a large period property on the death of his elderly mother. The detached house was in an affluent area in Canterbury and had four bedrooms, three reception rooms and a large garden. The client, who planned to sell the house, had already cleared his mother’s personal effects and some pieces of valuable antique furniture, so he wanted us to clear out the rest of the furniture, much of which was in good condition. He also wanted us to tidy the garden which had become somewhat overgrown since the death of his mother who had employed a regular gardener.

House Clearance Overview

This was a fairly straightforward property clearance which didn’t present any particular problems. We were able to park our vans in the driveway, and load the furniture straight from the front door. We had agreed to take the furniture to a local auction house in Canterbury on behalf of our client in order to sell and help cover the costs of the clearance, an arrangement the client was very happy with.

The house clearance and cleaning took from 8 am to 5pm in the afternoon. Our team also tidied the garden area and mowed the lawn. Each room was cleaned from top to bottom and we left the place spick and span.

Whilst we were carrying the furniture in to the auction house in Canterbury, we found a packet of pictures that had slipped down the back of a drawer in one of the chests. We returned the photos to the client who was absolutely delighted with them as they were old family photos dating from the 1930s. Some of them included a great-uncle who had been killed in the D-Day landings, so they were of great sentimental value.

Disposal of Contents

We took the remaining contents to local charity shops within Kent, with only a few items needing to go to the local waste recycling centre. We always recycle items from a property, or wherever possible donate items that can be reused to local charities rather than see them go to waste.

Client Comments

The client was extremely pleased with how the property clearance progressed and was amazed that we managed to clear and clean the property and tidy the garden in a single day. Now he is looking forward to selling the house. He was also delighted that we’d unearthed the old family photos which he had thought were lost forever.

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