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House Clearance Bexley

Job Description

We were appointed to clear a 3 bedroom semi-detached house and the garage in Bexley London. The property belonged to our clients mother who 80 years old and had taken ill over six months ago and had been in hospital since, her daughter said she was not able to return to her house as she needed 24 hour care, therefore she needed to sell the house to help fund her mothers care fees. She told us that family and friends had already been to the house to take mementos and anything that could be of use to the family and she herself had taken all personal belongings for her mother. She told us that her mother was a volunteer for the British Heart Foundation and that she had labelled furniture and goods that she would like taken to the charity on her behalf. There was still quite a lot of bric a brac, ornaments, clothing and smaller items in the property which needed bagged and a garage full of junk which the family had put in there when sorting the house, we left the items marked for charity and set about clearing the house of all recyclable goods first as it was clear that this clearance would require us to return to take the items to charity.

Disposal of Contents

We loaded our van with all of the goods to take to the recycling station and took this to a local site in Bexley first, we returned to the property and loaded all the items of furniture that were labelled for charity and dropped off almost a full van load at the charity shop in Bexley. The clearance was pretty straight forward and we were able to complete the work in under 4 hours.


November 2014

Job Location

Bexley London

Job Type

House clearance & garage clearance

Property Type

3 bedroom semi-detached house

Time To Complete

4 hours

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