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House Clearance Batley West Yorkshire

Batley West Yorkshire House Clearance Requirements

We were contacted this week by a landlord who owned a property in a block of flats in Batley. He had recently had to evict some tenants due to anti-social behaviour and they had left a lot of clutter behind in the property which he wanted us to clear. He also wanted us to arrange to have the locks changed to ensure the tenants did not return which we agreed to do for him.

House Clearance Overview

We arrived at the property in Batley, which was on the sixth floor of a tower block, at 9am keen to get started straight away. We had picked up the keys from our client the evening before, so we let ourselves into the property and made an initial assessment. As our client had described, the flat was in a poor condition with large amounts of junk and clutter in each room. There were also a few items of furniture in each room, including a large kitchen table, a wardrobe and several chests of drawers. Despite the uncleanliness of the flat, the furniture was all in a decent condition, so we decided to remove this first before tackling all of the junk and clutter in the flat. We had several floors to get the furniture down, but thankfully the lift in the block was working so we were able to take the majority of the furniture down in the lift. The few pieces that wouldn’t fit, we managed to carry down the stairs. Once we had packed all of the furniture into our van, it was time to get started on clearing the large amount of junk and clutter in the flat. Most of the rubbish in the flat was made up of cardboard boxes, glass and plastic bottles and old newspapers and magazines. As all of this could be recycled, we packed it into some bags, ready to take it to a local recycling centre in Batley. Clearing all of the junk and clutter from the flat took us two hours as the flat was so cluttered. Once we had finished clearing it though it looked much better and we were ready to get started on the cleaning. First though, we arranged for the locks to be changed as our client had requested us to. There were three locks on the door so we arranged for a locksmith in Batley to come to our rescue who we had worked with before to change them all, which he managed to do within an hour. After he had completed the job we armed ourselves with a large amount of cleaning products and started to clean all of the surfaces, laminate floors and fixtures and fittings. The flat was quite dirty so it took us a further hour and a half to clean, but once we were done we were very satisfied with what we had achieved and glad to see the flat returned to a clean and clear state, we contacted our client to let him know we were nearly finished so he could come along and see what we had achieved and collect the new keys to the flat.

Disposal of Contents

As all of the furniture that was in the flat was in a decent condition we were able to donate it to a local charity in Batley. The rest of the contents from the flat such as the junk and clutter we were also able to recycle at a local recycling station in West Yorkshire.

Client Comments

Our client was thrilled with what we had achieved in his flat and was looking forward to finding some new and more responsible tenants.

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