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House Clearance Bath Somerset

Bath Somerset House Clearance Requirements

We were contacted this week by a couple who were in the process of moving to Japan. They wanted us to clear their property, a two bedroom house in Bath as they wished to get it on the housing market as quickly as possible. As they could not take any of the furniture with them to Japan they requested that we get rid of it all, including a quantity of junk in the attic, some of which had been left there by a previous owner.

House Clearance Overview

We arrived at the property, in the leafy neighbourhood of Bath at 9am, keen to begin the job as quickly as possible. We had already picked up the keys from a neighbour, as instructed by our client, so we let ourselves into the property and took a look around to see what needed to be done. We discovered that there were quite a few items of furniture in each room and that all of it was in a good condition. After inspecting all of the pieces, we began to remove them straight away, packing them safely into our Luton furniture vans so that they could be driven to a local charity shop later in the day. After removing all of the furniture, including several bulky items, we then moved up to the attic which we had to access via a ladder. The attic was long, dark and dusty and there was a lot of clutter inside it, including a number of old suitcases, boxes of newspapers and general bric a brac. We decided it would be easiest to remove all of the items before sorting through them, so we carefully carried all of the boxes and suitcases down the ladder, making sure not to spill their contents as we did so. After removing all of the items, we sorted through them all, deciding what was suitable for charity and what was suitable for recycling. Sorting through all this clutter took us a long time, but once we were finished we were left with a lot of items that could be donated and recycled so we were happy about that. After we had packed all of these items into one of our van, we gave the house a once over to check that we hadn’t forgotten anything and then returned the keys to the neighbours as requested by our clients.

Disposal of Contents

We took the majority of the house contents to a local charity shop in Bath who were very happy to receive it and we also took a number of items to a local recycling centre in Bath which made this a very environmentally friendly clearance.

Client Comments

Our clients were thrilled with the job that we had performed and told us they were looking forward to getting in on the market as soon as possible.

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