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Cluttered & Verminous House Clearance Burnley

Burnley Lancashire House Clearance Requirements

This week we were contacted by a landlord whose tenant had recently died. He informed us that his tenant had been a hoarder, something which he had not known about until his death. He told us that the house was crammed full of belongings, particularly old rubbish and newspapers and that there was also a mouse infestation throughout. As he could not tackle it himself, he asked us to fully clear the property, take up the carpets and also give the property a good clean as it was in such a bad state. We agreed to do this and informed him that this would probably take a full day as it was such a big job.

House Clearance Overview

We arrived at the property at 8am, keen to get started immediately as we anticipated it would be a long day. We had picked up the keys from our client the night before so we let ourselves into the property and immediately opened as many windows as we could reach as there was quite a strong smell coming from within. After an initial inspection we saw that each room was crammed full of stuff, including old food waste and that some of the piles of junk and rubbish were quite dangerous as they were stacked so high. We decided the only thing to do was to get stuck in as quickly as possible and clear as much of the junk and clutter as we could. We started at the front of the house and worked our way towards the back, we realised that all of the contents would need to go to licensed recycling due to the condition of everything in the property. We saw evidence of the extensive mouse infestation straight away, but we could not deal with it until we had the house cleared. Clearing all of the rubbish and clutter was hard work and took us seven hours in total, during which time we filled several van loads with junk and rubbish. Once the house was finally clear we were left with a very dirty property, with mouldy and extremely dirty carpets. We decided to remove all of the carpets, many of which had mouse waste on them, and then give the house a thorough clean. We removed the carpets carefully and packed them into one of our vans ready for transportation to a nearby recycling station in Burnley. After doing this, despite the dirt, the house looked much better and the smell was beginning to deteriorate. Next we armed ourselves with mops, hoovers and cleaning products and set to work scrubbing, hoovering and wiping the entire house and all the fixtures and fittings. This took us a further three hours, but when we were finished it looked like a different house and we were very satisfied with what we had managed to achieve in one day. Before locking up the house we took photographs of every room to show our client and posted the keys through the door as instructed by our client.

Burnley House Clearance Photographs




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Disposal of Contents

As the house and its contents had been in such a poor condition we had to take the majority of the junk and waste to a recycling station in Burnley.

Client Comments

Our client was overjoyed with what we had managed to achieve in the space of day and told us he could hardly believe it was the same house. He was very grateful for our hard work on the day and said he would definitely recommend us for future work.

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