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Cambridge House Contents Clearance – Cambridge’s green bins left out in the cold

House Clearance Cambridge

Cambridge City Council’s green recycling bins are being left on the street, as the big freeze has turned them to lumps of hard, cold ice.

Council bosses say that collections are unable to take place due to frozen bins and icy contents – meaning that no waste can be taken from the bins.

When a frozen bin is tipped up to be emptied, the contents gets stuck because of the cold, and because of this, some garden waste bins have not been collected.

|The council have come up with some tips for residents to help them empty their bins, including lining the bins with card board to prevent a build up of ice, and wrapping waste in paper to help prevent the freeze.

Locals are also advised to bring their bins in to a shed or garage until the day of collection to help thaw the contents, and to place the bins out before they’re full so that it’s a little easier to dislodge of it does freeze.

Councillor Mike Pitt, the council’s waste boss, said, “Collection crews are doing their best to dislodge the material but sometimes it is just stuck fast.

“While the sub-zero temperatures remain there is little that can be done once a bin is frozen.”

Since the snow came down and covered the streets of Cambridge, some streets have not had bin collections, including Rustat Avenue and William Smith Close, due to icy roads making them impassable.

The council are continuing to attempt collections where this has been the case, and have stated that all other services are running as normal.

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