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House Clearance Solihull West Midlands

Solihull West Midlands House Clearance Requirements
This week we were contacted by a firm of solicitors who were handling the estate of a woman who had recently passed away. They asked us to clear her three bedroom flat in Solihull and take a number of items to a local auction house, as they believed they were quite valuable. The woman’s family wanted to sell the property as soon as possible so they asked us to clear all of the furniture and possessions that were left, as the solicitors informed us they had already been around to remove any personal possessions and items that they wished to keep.

House Clearance Overview
We arrived at the property, a ground floor garden flat in the leafy neighbourhood of Solihull at 9am, ready to begin straight away. We had picked up the keys from the solicitors earlier than morning, so we let ourselves in and made an initial assessment of the contents. The woman had clearly been very house proud as the flat was immaculate and we could see why we hadn’t been asked to clean the property. We decided to begin by packing up the belongings that remained in the flat, including a large quantity of books and kitchen equipment. All of these items were in a good condition so they could all be donated to charity. Once we had finished packing up all of the possessions and had packed them into one of our Luton van, we got started on the furniture. We decided to begin by removing the antiques so that they wouldn’t get damaged as we moved the rest of the furniture around. We carefully carried these items, including a carved wardrobe and dressing table, out to our van and secured them safely so that they wouldn’t get damaged in transit. One of our team then drove off to the auction house with these items, while the rest of us got started on removing the rest of the furniture from the property. The remaining items of furniture were also in a very good condition, so we were sure that any charity would happily take them off of our hands. As the flat was quite large it took us two hours to clear all of the furniture, but once we had done so we were very satisfied with the work we had done. We then locked up the property and set off to return the keys to the solicitors and take all of the furniture to a number of local charity shops in Solihull.

Disposal of Contents
After taking the antiques to the auction house on behalf of our client, we then took the rest of the furniture to a number of charity shops in the local area, making this a very environmentally friendly clearance.

Client Comments
The solicitors were very happy with the service that we provided and told us they intended to use our services again in the future.

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