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House Clearance Bradford

Job Description

We were contacted earlier this week by a customer who needed a house clearance in Bradford, for her one bedroom flat. The customer had
been living in the apartment for over 2 years, and was renting from the council. She had been with her partner for just over 9 months and stayed at this house for most of the week, spending very little time in her own flat.

As she was rarely at the house, it was left in a constant mess and squalor. She did not clean or tidy the flat, or even clean up the droppings of her pet cat. She had decided to move in with her partner, taking the cat with her to his two bedroom house on the other side of Bradford.

The customer knew that the council would be angry and frustrated with the state of the flat, so she made the decision of hiring a property clearance company for her house clearance in Bradford, before ending the lease. When calling for a house clearance in Bradford, she had told the Abacus team that all of the contents of the house could be cleared and disposed, as she was going to purchase new furniture and home decor for the new house.

She had already removed her personal belongings from the house, and transferred them to her new house. This means that the remaining items could be recycled or donated, depending on the condition of her belongings.

Job Location


Job Type

House Clearance


1 Bedroom Flat

Disposal of Contents

The customer requested for a house clearance the day after she placed the call, and the Abacus House Clearance team were on call to assist with the clearance, leaving the next morning.

We collected the keys from the customer, and headed to the house for the clearance. We began by clearing the mess that she had left over the past few weeks, as well as the animal waste and rubbish that had not been left out for the dustbin collector.

We loaded all of the furniture onto the van, and sent it all to the nearest recycling centre in Bradford. This house clearance took the team around 5 hours to complete, and this was mainly because of the amount of contents she left behind.

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