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House Clearance Oxford

Oxford House Clearance – Verminous Cluttered House Clearance In Oxfordshire. Abacus house clearance were called in to clear a 2 bedroom verminous, cluttered house.

As you can see from the before & after house clearance photographs below the property was in a very bad state. The owner did not know what state the property was in until the tenant’s had left and she went to view the property.

Ceilings in the kitchen and passage had fallen down due to flooding, all of the floor coverings downstairs were saturated and needed uplifting. There were signs of mice & rats throughout the house. Birds had gained entry into the house and subsequently died in the property.

We have cleared many verminous properties but this was by far one of the worse ones. We started at the top of the house first working our way down through the house, we removed over 6 ton of waste from the house & associated garage. We completely filled a 40 yard skip (see photographs below) and took 3 Luton vans of waste to the recycling centre.

The house clearance took 2 days to complete with 4 members of the Abacus house clearance staff.

As you browse through the photographs below you will see the mixture of items we removed from the house. As well as removing the usual carpets, beds, furniture etc, we removed rottens food, dead bird and mice carcasses.  The customer was overjoyed with our hard work and reliability.

Another successful house clearance by Abacus.

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