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Barnet fly-tipping clean-up costs taxpayers £246,000 in year 17/Feb/2010

Wandsworth rubbish clean-up bill is London’s highest at £3.8m 17/Feb/2010

Ealing secret cameras to catch fly-tippers 17/Feb/2010

Kensington and Chelsea spends £2.5m on fly-tipping clean-up 17/Feb/2010

Hammersmith and Fulham rubbish ended up in Watford 17/Feb/2010

Portway, Bristol fly-tipping leads to five-year Asbo 17/Feb/2010

Norfolk pub landlord fined £3,527 over fly-tipping 17/Feb/2010

Mansfield couple fined after letters found in dumped rubbish 17/Feb/2010

London top-down waste strategy will not work 17/Feb/2010

Huddersfield recycling workers exposed to mercury fumes 17/Feb/2010

Colchester police hunting road fly-tippers 17/Feb/2010

Barnsley Council staff left scrap at illegal transfer yard 17/Feb/2010

Birmingham plant means nappies won’t go to waste 12/Feb/2010

Southampton recycling plant opened by Olympic medallist 12/Feb/2010

Clapham Junction squad catch 60 litterbugs in two hours 12/Feb/2010

Cambridgeshire railway recycling plant gets the green light 12/Feb/2010

Walsall to double fine for dropping rubbish – 1 12/Feb/2010 (0)

Enfield hit by nearly 10,000 cases of fly-tipping in year 12/Feb/2010

Cardiff rubbish transport deal agreed 12/Feb/2010

Mum of Britain’s Got Talent winner cleared of fly-tipping 12/Feb/2010

Doncaster cleans up town’s young litterbugs 11/Feb/2010

Longhope, Gloucestershire family fill just one rubbish bin in year 11/Feb/2010

Woolwich street rubbish mainly related to food 11/Feb/2010

Leicester rubbish incinerator plan stirs heated debate 11/Feb/2010

Northampton residents face fly-tipping fine for overflowing bins 11/Feb/2010

Woverhampton fly-tipping eyesore to be demolished 10/Feb/2010

Stroud council team win first fly-tipping case 10/Feb/2010

Wiltshire earmarks 52 sites for treating waste 10/Feb/2010

Medway litterbugs fined for dropping rubbish 10/Feb/2010

Caythorpe recycling plant fined over bad smells 10/Feb/2010

Avonmouth, Bristol site selected for £180m recycling facility 10/Feb/2010

Selby anaerobic digestion facility to be UK’s biggest 10/Feb/2010

Thornton Heath hit by fly-tipping epidemic 08/Feb/2010

Britain’s Got Talent winner’s mother accused of fly-tipping 04/Feb/2010

Walney Beach, Cumbria gets 15 bags of old clothes 04/Feb/2010

Oxfordshire bins overflow after six weeks without collection 04/Feb/2010

Nazeing man added to fly-tipper rogues gallery 04/Feb/2010

London brothers dumped three tons of rubbish 04/Feb/2010

Westminster £518m waste contract cleaned up by Veolia 03/Feb/2010

Norwich counts the cost of failure to separate recycling items 03/Feb/2010

Newport plant to turn food waste into energy 03/Feb/2010

Lowestoft team tackles 18 fly-tipping cases 03/Feb/2010

Cardiff’s £50m recycling plant moves closer 03/Feb/2010

Bristol Britain’s Friendliest Recycling Centre 03/Feb/2010

Rochdale residents can now Recycle Used Batteries 03/Feb/2010

Wrexham man can marry thanks to fly-tipping fight 01/Feb/2010

Swansea skip boss charged in £80k fly-tipping case 01/Feb/2010

Suffolk to boost recycling sites and ‘Green County’ reputation 01/Feb/2010

Sheffield woman began hoarding junk after daughter died 01/Feb/2010

Preston fly-tippers get the slip – thanks to the ice 01/Feb/2010

Pinner, Middlesex hoarder dies amid festering rubbish 01/Feb/2010

Nottingham woman’s midnight bath disposal costs her £1,300 01/Feb/2010

Mansfield fly-tipper nabbed by Maid Marion in Sherwood Forest 01/Feb/2010

Leeds hoarder faces £75,000 bill 01/Feb/2010

Wiltshire coal-yard fly-tipping sparks heated complaints 01/Feb/2010

Bolton gun-hoarder jailed over ‘Aladdin’s cave’ of firearms 01/Feb/2010

Neighbour from hell turned garden into scrapyard 28/Jan/2010

Southampton becomes first Recycle Zone city 28/Jan/2010

Salisbury Plain fly-tipper dumped 400 motorcycle tyres 28/Jan/2010

Peterborough postman pilfered porn and panties 28/Jan/2010

Merseyside recycling rate rises by one-third 28/Jan/2010

Essex farmer refuses to remove dumped asbestos 28/Jan/2010

Aberystwyth man dies under tons of junk 28/Jan/2010

Lewisham scheme to cut fly-tipping of mattresses 27/Jan/2010

Gloucester boosts recycling due to landfill costs 27/Jan/2010

Edinburgh residents invited to apply for recycling funding 27/Jan/2010

Bedford plans new ways to boost recycling 27/Jan/2010

Barrow, Cumbria council makes £40,000 a month from recycling 27/Jan/2010

Norfolk Comes Clean 26/Jan/2010

Guildford Gets the Goat 26/Jan/2010

Cannock Chase fly-tipper spies to get £100 reward 26/Jan/2010

Liverpool’s purple bin crisis turns faces red 26/Jan/2010

Kent police in spy drone plan to catch fly-tippers 26/Jan/2010

Carlisle residents told put recycling refuse back in your house 26/Jan/2010

Clacton, Tendring council angry as carpet dumper gets off lightly 26/Jan/2010

Dundee fly-tippers cost taxpayers £25,276 26/Jan/2010

Dudley fly-tipping hotspot raises health fears as rats move in 26/Jan/2010

Alcester, Warwickshire restaurateur caught dumping waste curry 26/Jan/2010

Waverley Borough Council Show their Green Credentials 23/Jan/2010

Calderdale West Yorkshire Council Accelerate Refuse Collections 23/Jan/2010

Nottingham serial fly-tipper caught on camera 21/Jan/2010

Recycled farm waste to aid British soldiers fighting the Taliban 21/Jan/2010

Torbay environmental criminals, watch out you’re being watched 21/Jan/2010

New Forest waste dump revealed by Time Team technology 21/Jan/2010

Preston fly-tipping soars 21/Jan/2010

New Forest residents lash fly-tippers who blight our landscape 20/Jan/2010

Bolton comic thinks rubbish service is laughable 20/Jan/2010

Bristol streets blighted by overflowing rubbish 20/Jan/2010

London mayor wants recyclers rewarded – admin 20/Jan/2010

Forest of Dean rubbish devoured by ravenous beasts 20/Jan/2010

Reading scrap-yard owner sentenced for Talking Rubbish offences 18/Jan/2010

Broughton hermit found entombed in labyrinth of rubbish 18/Jan/2010

Mid Devon fly-tipping a risk to children 18/Jan/2010

Thanet residents furious as festive rubbish piles up 18/Jan/2010

Stoke-on Trent man pays huge penalty for rubbish offence 18/Jan/2010

Lack of Road Salt Disrupts Refuse Collections across the Nation 17/Jan/2010

Blackburn binge mum left kids in filthy cluttered house 16/Jan/2010

York children rescued from filthy, rubbish-filled ‘hell-hole’ 16/Jan/2010

London residents most open to house clearance 16/Jan/2010

Body of Heaton Mersey shopaholic found under pile of purchases 16/Jan/2010

Wyre Forest Council move rubbished as angry Wyre Forest residents dump waste 16/Jan/2010

Colwyn Bay famous seaside promenade polluted by fly tippers 16/Jan/2010

Dudley Near Manchester No Honour Amongst Thieves 16/Jan/2010

Rossendale Council React to the Snow & Ice Refuse Collection Crisis 16/Jan/2010

Nottingham Fly Tipper Caught By Hidden Camera. 16/Jan/2010

Exeter council makes a million out of recyclable rubbish 16/Jan/2010

North Lincolnshire Council Champion Recycling Initiative 16/Jan/2010

Addressing fly-tipping North western and Midlands 12/Jan/2010

Thamesmead clearance makes two girls happy 12/Jan/2010