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House Clearance in Richmond, London

Posted on March 6th, 2019 In: Case Studies

House Clearance in RICHMOND, LONDON

We had some busy days so I did not update you for a while.

The job

Few weeks ago we had a phone call from one lovely lady. Her mother died some time ago. The house in Richmond London she lived in has been nearly sold so she just needed a House Clearance before posting a key.

House Clearance

She already cleared the house from all the items of sentimental value, and things she wanted to keep.

Hence the lady did not need anything else to stay she instructed us to clear the property of any furniture, white goods, bric-a-brac etc.

We was ok to donate all suitable items to the charity. It’s always a good thing because we always happy to give things a new life.

The team arrived early in the morning and started clearance. It was a lot of items potentially suitable for donation. First of all we put them all aside and started to empty and bag the contents of drawers and cupboards. Then we loaded all bulky items not suitable for donation.  Uplifting the carpets is always fast. After that we completed loading with all the bin bags and light items and carpets. The van was full.

Disposing of rubbish

We disposed all the rubbish to a licensed recycling station and returned to pick the denotable items.

Donation to BHF

At the end of the day we donated the rest to a British Heart Foundation because we like to support them.