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House Clearance West London

Job Description

Last week we were recruited to clear the items in a 2 bedroom terraced property in West London, that previously belonged to the parents of the client. After her father passed away in June 2017, the clients’ mother and the rest of the family decided it was best for her to move into a residential care home, where she could socialise and be around other seniors.

After deciding that they needed a house clearance in West London, the client had told Abacus that all personal items had already been removed and transferred to the care home where she is currently living. The remaining furniture and items in the house were ready to be cleared and sent the recycling centre for disposal. The client had informed our team that there was a number of items that she left in the dining room that the mother wanted donating to charity.

The father was terminally ill with cancer, and the family wished for the items to be donated to a local cancer related charity.

Job Location

West London

Job Type

House Clearance


2 Bedroom Terraced House

Disposal of Contents

The items that were left in the dining room of the house were suitable for donation, and were of good quality and value to someone. Other items in the house that weren’t of quality and were old and outdated, were loaded onto the van and sent to the centre. The donated items were then loaded onto the van and were sent to the local charity centre in West London, that was close to the heart of the mother.

This house clearance in West London was fairly straightforward, although there was quite a lot of items to be disposed after removing their personal belongings. In total the clearance took around 5 hours, and this includes the deliveries to the charity shop and the recycling centre.

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