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House Clearance South Shields – Tyne & Wear

Posted on November 18th, 2016 In: Completed Jobs in Tyne and Wear, Completed Jobs in Tyneside

We undertake house clearance in all areas of South Shields: Jarrow South Shields Hebburn The Boldons Boldon Colliery Cleadon Harton Marsden Monkton Whitburn.

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House Clearance In South Shields Case Example: Client instructions

In this case, our clients were a young couple who had recently married. They had taken the plunge and bought a property in South Shields at auction for what was a very good price. However, as so often with a bargain, there was a fly in the ointment. The three-bedroomed house, set in a late-Victorian terrace, was packed with junk and the garden was like a jungle. They had tried to clear the property themselves, but as they both worked full time, they soon came to the conclusion that this task could take them months, which was why they had called us.

Our instructions were simple: they wanted everything cleared from the house and they also wanted the garden tidied.

South Shields House Clearance Report

A couple of days before the agreed clearance date, we visited the property with the clients to make an assessment of the job. The house was indeed full of junk, including broken-down furniture, books and general clutter. The garden was very overgrown.

On the house clearance day we arrived with four men and two vans and set to work. Two of the men started in the house while the other two got to work in the garden. The garden was actually quite small so it only took the two men there a couple of hours to clear it back leaving a more or less bare space with a couple of mature trees and some shrubbery. They then joined their colleagues in the house.

In the house, we started on the lower floor first by clearing up all the rubbish that was lying around, separating what could be recycled from what would have to be disposed of. That achieved, we removed all the furniture. As we did, we actually found a few pieces by named makers from the 1950s and 60s which we knew had a value as quality furniture from that era has become quite fashionable.

Once we’d cleared the house we cleaned it from top to bottom and by 6 o’clock the assignment was complete.

South Shields House Contents Disposal

We suggested to the clients that the 50s and 60s furniture should go to auction in South Shields while a few other serviceable items should be donated to charity and they were happy to proceed on that basis.

We recycled a large amount of paper, cardboard and glass and composted all the garden waste. The books went to a local South Shields charity shop. That left only a small amount that had to go to the local council’s waste facility.

South Shields Customer Feedback

The clients were amazed by the transformation of the property and commented on how much larger it looked now that it was empty. They were also very pleased by the money that was raised at auction from the retro furniture.