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House Clearance Newcastle

Job Description

Abacus House Clearance was contacted by someone who needed a house clearance in Newcastle. The customer was calling on behalf of his partner, who lived in Newcastle and needed a house clearance. His partner and himself had decided that in order to progress and further their relationship, they needed to move in with one another.

Rather than moving in with his partner, they believed it was best to move into his house, as it was bigger, more spacious and had more potential than her two bedroom terraced house. After making this joint decision, they chose Abacus House Clearance as the company for their house clearance in Newcastle.

The customer said that she was already in the process of moving in, with the house clearance being one of the final steps in the completion. The house she was moving into was already furnished and just needed a few possessions from her current house. The items that remained in the house were eligible for disposal, as they had already taken unwanted items of quality and value to the charity shop.

Job Location


Job Type

House Clearance


2 Bedroom Terraced

Disposal of Contents

We collected the keys from the customer and headed to the house for the house clearance in Newcastle. When we arrived, the house was cluttered with stuff that she had left behind, with the garden furniture and electronics also left in the garden.

We began by clearing and bagging all home decor items and electronics that she left, as well as the fridge, sofa, and washing machine, all that were not in good condition and were not of value. We lifted this furniture and the bags, loaded them onto the van, and sent them to the local recycling centre nearby.

This house clearance in Newcastle was straightforward and was not difficult for the Abacus House Clearance team, taking around 4 hours to complete.

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