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House Clearance Liverpool

Liverpool Merseyside House Clearance Requirements
This week we were contacted by a client who wanted us to clear her father’s house in Liverpool. She told us her father had recently moved into a supported living accommodation and she couldn’t manage his house clearance on her own as her father had became a hoarder. She therefore asked us to come round and clear and clean the property for her, as it was very cluttered and crowded and she did not know where to start. She also told us that all of her father’s personal belongings had been removed from the property, so everything that was left was to be disposed of. Our client also asked that we look out for any money or valuables during our clearance as her father had been known to misplace money before and she had found cash in some unusual places, inside books and DVD cases.

House Clearance Overview
We arrived at the property, a three bedroom terraced house in Liverpool at 9am, anticipating a long day ahead of us. Our client was there to meet us and let us into the property. As she had described, the house was very cluttered and and many of the rooms were stacked with items up to the ceiling which was quite dangerous. Our client was clearly overwhelmed by the situation so we assured her that we would be able to clear the property in a day and she was very pleased and said she would come back at the end of the day so we could return the keys. After assessing the property, we decided to begin at the front and work our way out. As we went through each room, we separated as many items as we could to take to the recycling station in Liverpool as there was not much in the property suitable to donate to charity. This was hard and slow work, but with seven hours we had managed to clear the whole house and had filled several of our vans with all of the junk and clutter. During the day we found cash which had been put inside the hollow of ornaments and inside books a total amount of £680.00 also a set of war medals which had fallen down the back of a wardrobe which we set aside to give to our client when she returned.  We then started to clean the property, the whole house was very dirty, but armed with our mops, hoovers and large collection of cleaning products we cleaned the entire property from top to bottom. Once we had cleaned all of the rooms we contacted our client to return to the property and check that she was satisfied with our work and to lock up the property when we left, we gave her the money which we found along with the medals and she was really pleased, she gave each of our staff a £20.00 tip for doing such a great job. We were satisfied that we had completed a thorough job, we then left and set off for the local recycling station in Liverpool.

Disposal of Contents
As there was so much junk and clutter in the house none of the goods were suitable to donate to charity, therefore, all of the house contents were taken to a local recycling station in Liverpool.

Client Comments
Our client was thrilled with what we had managed to achieve in the space of one day and could hardly believe it was the same house. She was also very pleased with the money and medals that we had found and told us that her father would be very happy to have it back.

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