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House Clearance Huddersfield

Job Description

We were called earlier this week by a landlord who needed a house clearance in Huddersfield for his one bedroom flat. The house was being rented out by a couple for over 5 months, and the tenants could not keep up with their rent payments.

He had warned the tenants that failure to comply and keep updated with the payments would result in eviction from the flat. This problem continued to occur and the landlord had no option but to hand them a notice of eviction, and make them leave the property.

The tenants were believed to be drug addicts, meaning this could one reason why they failed to pay their rent. When moving out, they left most of their belongings behind, and caused a lot of mess in the rented flat. Rather than asking them to remove their belongings from the house and risk causing a disagreement with the former tenants, he opted for a house clearance in Huddersfield.

The landlord called Abacus House Clearance as the company for his house clearance in Huddersfield, as we provide our services nationwide with zero hidden charges in the service. When calling the Abacus team, he said that the items were eligible for disposal, as they left them behind after the eviction date.

Job Location


Job Type

House Clearance


1 Bedroom Flat

Disposal of Contents

On the day of the clearance, we met with the landlord and collected the keys to the flat. We started by cleaning and clearing the flooring from any mess that was left, bagging it in dustbin bags and loading them onto the van. We then lifted and loaded the furniture left behind, as well as any clothing items and appliances that were abandoned. This will all loaded onto the van and was disposed at the nearest recycling centre.

This house clearance in Huddersfield took the Abacus House Clearance team around 3 hours to complete, as it was a small one bedroom flat.

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