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House Clearance Hounslow

Job Description

This week Abacus were called to a large house clearance in Hounslow. We were approached by the owner of the property as they needed us to clear away their unwanted furniture before they brought painters and decorators into the property. This needed to be done as soon as possible, and we were able to arrange for our team to make a visit the following day.

The 4 bedroom house was first built in the 1880’s and was in need of a complete renovation, hence the need for a painter and decorator. Instead of putting the furniture into storage, the owner decided that it would be easier to dispose of it all and replace it with a new range. Although there was very little clutter, there was a large amount of heavy furniture that needed to be lifted, so we called in more team members and a second van to ensure that we completed the job in the same day.

When we arrived for this house clearance in Hounslow, we were told that we could dispose of everything that had been marked with masking tape and if there were any documents found, to return them immediately to the owner. We removed all furniture and bagged up small amounts of clutter including a kettle, cutlery, radios and a few small home decor items.

Job Location


Job Type

House Clearance


4 bedroom house

Disposal of Contents

Our team arrived for this house clearance in Hounslow and lifted all heavy furniture on to one of our vans. We found a few important documents which were returned back to the owner in neat condition, and we recycled any items we could. Overall, this clearance only took 3 hours to complete and the customer was left 100% satisfied with the results.

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