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House Clearance Fulham London

Posted on July 6th, 2015 In: Case Studies, London House Clearance


Date: September 2014

Job location: Fulham London

Job type: General house clearance

Property type: 2 bedroom terraced house

Time to complete: 5 hours

Job description: We were contacted by our client to clear a 2 bedroom terraced house in Fulham London, the property belonged to her mother who had sadly passed away and she and her brother had attempted to clear the property themselves in preparation to sell the house, unfortunately due to work commitments and that neither of them lived in Fulham it was taking them too long to achieve the clearance on their own. There was over 150 black bags of rubbish, clothing and junk that needed cleared, including carpets and items of furniture. Whilst our client had pre bagged a lot of items there was still a lot left to do, we cleared out all the larger items which were not suitable for charity and filled the bin bags in between all the gaps, we flat packed the wardrobes to get more space in the van and cut up carpets and underlay. In total the House Clearance in Fulham took our team 5 hours.

Disposal of Contents: Unfortunately there was nothing suitable to donate to charity so we loaded our van and took the contents to a local recycling station in Fulham, our client could not believe how quickly we cleared the property and said she wished she had contacted us sooner to save her so much work as she had been spending her weekends at the property bagging up as much as she could as she said other companies had told her that all the smaller bits, clothing etc. needed to be pre bagged for them.