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Date: October 2014

Job location: Dagenham London

Job type: General house clearance

Property type: 3 bedroom semi-detached house

Time to complete: 5 hours

Job description: We were appointed to clear a 3 bedroom semi detached house in Dagenham London, including the carpets except the fixtures and fittings. The property belonged to the council and needed to be completely cleared of everything by the end of the day at the keys returned to the Council, as we have cleared many council properties we knew exactly what we needed to do. Our client told us that the property belonged to her late mother and she also had resided at the property for a number of years, however, her name was not on the tenancy agreement so she had to return the property back to the council as it was too big for her to keep herself, she had found a one bedroom property in Dagenham to rent which was fully furnished and had no need for the goods left in her mothers property and had taken anything that she wished to keep before we arrived. there was still a lot of crockery, pots pans etc in the kitchen cupboards to clear and the pantry was full of food to clear, the bedrooms still had a lot of clothes, coats and shoes to clear and there were ornaments and bits and bobs everywhere. We kept a lot of the ornaments, clothes, shoes and smaller pieces of furniture to one side which we could donate to charity, there was quite a lot in the property and took two loads to clear. The job was completed in under 5 hours.

Disposal of Contents: We took two full loads to the local recycling station in Dagenham before returning to the property and collecting the items to donate to charity, we locked up the property and set off to Dagenham council office to hand back the keys before they closed then delivered the items to a charity shop in Dagenham.

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