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House Clearance Cumbernauld

Job Description

For this house clearance, the Abacus House Clearance team had to travel up to Cumbernauld in Glasgow, Scotland. We had received the call for this clearance last week, in which the caller, a landlord with properties in and around Glasgow, required a house clearance in Cumbernauld for one of his rented properties.

The landlord had been renting the house out to his tenant for over a year, and had trouble evicting him. The landlord had received various complaints regarding the tenants from neighbours, mainly for drug related activity inside and outside of the house. After being sent evidence of the drug dealing, the landlord had decided to evict the tenant.

The tenant, not happy with the decision of the landlord, had refused to leave the property. This led the landlord to take him to court, where he was forced to leave the house. In the build up to the eviction date, the tenant had caused damage to the house and left an abundance of mess and waste in the property.

Job Location


Job Type

House Clearance


2 Bedroom Terraced

Disposal of Contents

The Abacus House Clearance team picked up the keys from the landlord and arrived at the house for the clearance. There was a large amount of mess in the house, along with food waste and rubbish. He had left most of his furniture, and the landlord believes that he may have moved in with his friend.

We started by clearing and bagging all of the rubbish and food waste that was left in the house, and loaded this onto the van. We then lifted the large furniture and loaded that onto the van, and drove all of it to the nearest recycling centre in Glasgow.

This house clearance in Cumbernauld took Abacus House Clearance around 7 hours to complete, as we had to clear the food waste and rubbish from the house, as well as the furniture and home decor that he left behind.

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