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Coalville Leicestershire House Clearance Requirements

We were contacted by the Environment Agency to clear a 3 bedroomed property which they had served notice on an elderly gentleman who had been living in verminous conditions for many years, the neighbours had alerted the Environment Agency after they saw a rat in their property and they were getting nasty smells in their house, they believed it was coming from the property next door. We were told that the house was full of rubbish and rats and mice have been seen in the house. We met with the Environment Agency at the house in Coalville prior to the contract being agreed. The house needed to be completely cleared including carpets, the back garden and all other rooms in the house were also full of rubbish.

House Clearance Overview

It took three days to clear the property and six Luton van loads were cleared to a local Recycling station in Coalville. We started by bagging up all the loose rubbish, plastic bottles and clothing which was obstructing most of the furniture concentrating on one room at a time, once we cleared the loose materials from the top it then became more difficult, as the waste had been compacted over many years the paper and waste had compacted and becomes a solid mass, our staff started by raking the top layer and then using pick axes to release the materials to bag up, once we finished each room we scraped the floorboards to remove all the residue and faeces.

Disposal of Contents

There was nothing suitable to donate to charity in the house, therefore all six loads were taken to the recycling station in Coalville which we had spoken to prior to the clearance and made them aware of the type of waste.

Client Comments

The Environment Agency officer who saw the property at the start came back to take a look when we were finished, he could not believe the transformation, he took our business cards and said if he ever had a clearance like this again he would definitely use our service.

Example Photographs of the house clearance in Coalville Leicestershire

Cluttered bedroom

Cluttered Room

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