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Bromley London general house contents clearance photos

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Date: May 2014

Job location: Bromley London

Job type: General house & garage clearance

Property type: 2 bedroom bungalow

Time to complete: 2.5 hours

Job description: We were appointed to clear a 2 bedroom bungalow and garage in Bromley London, the house belonged to a lady who had inherited the house from her late mother, she put the house up for sale two weeks before and planned on clearing it herself with her family whilst it was being sold, however, they found a cash buyer who wanted to purchase the property straight away and wanted the house cleared of all contents, the buyer was a property developer who owned many houses in Bromley and the surrounding areas. The sale was due to complete the following day, therefore, it was important that we done a good job. We completed the clearance in under 2.5 hours.

Disposal of Contents: Our client had already sorted all the smaller items into piles for charity and piles to dispose of, making it a very straight forward clearance. The garage and out house required a little more time as these areas had been left, we bagged up everything that could be recycled and put to one side anything that we could take to charity, we loaded our van full with recyclable goods and went to the recycling station in Bromley. We returned to the property and loaded all of the goods suitable for charity and set off to the charity shop in Bromley, once we had finished we went back to the house to meet our client and make sure she was happy that we had cleared everything and gave the property one final sweep through. We left happy, knowing that we had done a good job and that the sale would go through without any problems for our client.