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House Clearance Bournemouth

Posted on July 2nd, 2015 In: Case Studies, Dorset House Clearance


Date: January 2014

Job location: Bournemouth, Dorset North East England

Job type: General house & garage clearance

Property type: 2 bedroom bungalow

Time to complete: 1.5 hours

Job description: We were appointed to clear a 2 bedroom bungalow and garage in Bournemouth Dorset, the property belonged to our client’s father who had recently moved in to a nursing home in Bournemouth and could not take everything with him. Our client stated that she moved away from Bournemouth many years ago and due to work commitments she would not be able to attend the house on the day of the clearance, however, a lot of the furniture and general clutter had already been cleared and it was mainly the garage which was left to clear. The job was completed in under 1.5 hours.

Disposal of Contents: Unfortunately there was nothing suitable to donate to charity, everything we cleared from the house and garage was taken to a local recycling station in Bournemouth, there were some mobility aids such as wheelchair, commode, walking sticks which our client said her father was given on loan from Bournemouth NHS centre and needed to be returned to them so before completing the clearance we checked with our client where the NHS Centre was in Bournemouth and dropped them in when we completed the job.

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