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House Clearance Bath

Bath, Somerset house contents clearance photos

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Date: March 2014

Job location: Bath, Somerset

Job type: General house clearance

Property type: 4 bedroom terraced house

Time to complete: 6 hours

Job description: We were appointed to clear a large 4 bedroom terraced house in Bath, Somerset. The owner of the property had evicted the tenants for non payment of rent and we were told they would have vacated the property before we arrived. It was clear that the house had been left in a hurry by the tenants as a lot of belongings were left behind and cluttered the floors and bench tops in most rooms. It took three full van loads to clear the house and took just over six hours to complete due to the amount of loose clutter which all needed to be bagged up.

Disposal of Contents: Underneath all the clutter and junk we found a lot of items which were suitable to donate to charity there was two bikes, golf clubs CD’s DVD’s bookshelves and white goods which we took to the local British Heart Foundation charity store in Bath, the remainder of the goods which were not suitable for charities were taken to the local recycling station in Bath. Whilst clearing the contents of the wardrobe the staff found a bundle of cash over £500.00 we contacted our client who was at work 10 minutes away from the property in Bath to inform her, she was very pleased to hear this as her tenants had left her with debts on the property, later in the day our client called to collect the cash and was very happy to see the property restored back to normal.