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Barking, London general house clearance photos
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Date: November 2014

Job location: Barking, London

Job type: general house clearance

Property type: 2 bedroom bungalow

Time to complete: 2.5 hours

Job description: We were appointed to clear a small but cluttered 2 bedroom bungalow in Barking London, our client told us that the property belonged to her step father who was a bit of a recluse and did not enjoy the company of others, her mother passed away over ten years before and since then she had no contact with her step father, she had not visited the property in over ten years and told us she did not wish to return to the house. We collected the keys from a neighbour and firstly went into every room and took photographs (selection shown below) to give to our client when the work was complete, it was evident that her step father lived a simple life and enjoyed reading as there were a lot of books on various subjects. We assessed the bungalow for any items that could be donated to charity, there were two nice wall units storing books but very little else of any value that we could save. However, whilst the staff were clearing out the drawers in the bedroom they came across a small jewellery box which contained female jewellery and some old photographs of a woman. Our client had stated that there was nothing in the property she wanted kept, while this seemed like a sensitive clearance we felt that we should make our client aware of our findings before disposing of the items so we telephoned her, she was very emotional as the jewellery and photographs we described to her were belongings of her late mother which she thought her step father had disposed of many years ago. She asked us if we could deliver them to her work in Barking which was only a few miles away. The property was cleared in under 2.5 hours.

Disposal of Contents: We were able to clear the property quickly as there were very little contents, we packed our van with everything to go to the recycling station first then loaded the book cases and books on the van, we put in the jewellery box and photographs and set off to the charity shop in Barking first to drop off the books and book cases, we then popped to our clients work place in Barking she was very pleased with the photographs and Jewellery box we found, we showed her the pictures of the clearance as she did not plan on returning to the property to check it. She was happy with the work carried out and even gave our staff a tip as a thank you. We then set off to the recycling station in Barking to dispose of the remaining goods and ensure our van was empty for the following day.

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