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House Clearance Banbury

Job Description

Earlier this week, Abacus House Clearance was called and appointed for a house clearance in Banbury. The caller was calling on behalf of his mother, who needed a house clearance for her two bedroom semi-detached house in Banbury. The mother had not been too well over the past couple of years, and the family made a decision of putting her in a care home.

They believed that moving her into a care home would be the best move for her to receive care and attention regularly, with him and his wife working all week. The mother did not mind and also thought it was best, as she could socialise with other elderly people, and friends that also lived there.

When deciding to move into a care home, the customer chose Abacus House Clearance as the company for his house clearance in Banbury, and said the decision wasn’t difficult to make. He had been referred by another one of our customers, who used our services in Oxfordshire last year.

He informed the team that the personal belongings of the mother had already been taken and moved into her new home. The items that remained in the house could be disposed, or donated if were of value.

Job Location


Job Type

House Clearance


2 Bedroom Semi-Detached

Disposal of Contents

We picked the keys up from the customer and headed to the house for the clearance. When we arrived for the house clearance in Banbury, we began by clearing the small items and home decor, bagging them up and loading them onto the van.

We then took the larger furniture pieces that she did not take, and loaded them onto the van, along with any clothing, kitchen appliances and garden equipment and machinery. The majority of the items that she left behind could not be donated, as they were of poor condition and no value.

This house clearance in Banbury took Abacus House Clearance around 5 hours to complete, and this mainly because it was a spacious house with a collection of items and belongings.

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