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Ashford, Surrey house contents clearance photos

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Date: June 2014

Job location: Ashford Surrey

Job type: General house clearance & cellar clearance

Property type: 2 bedroom terraced house

Time to complete: 3 hours

Job description: We were appointed to clear a 2 bedroom terraced house and a cellar in Ashford Surrey for a lady who’s mother had recently passed away. The house contained the usual things such as beds, kitchenware, wardrobes, bric-a-brac, general household junk, TVs, bedding, tables and many other items, however it was kept very clean and tidy with minimal furnishings, we were asked to pack up personal belongings in the bedroom and take to the daughters house as she found it too distressing to enter the property, we found a purse some silverware paperwork all neatly stacked in shoe boxes in the wardrobe, photograph albums a jewellery box and other personal effects, we packed this up for the daughter to sort through when she was up to it. The job was completed in under 3 hours.

Disposal of contents: There was some very nice pieces of furniture in the property such as rocking chair, bookcase standard laps chest of drawers and washing machine and tumble dryer all which were in good condition with fire labels, we took these items to the local charity shop in Ashford and then went back to the house to clear away all of the remaining items that were not suitable for charity, these were taken to a recycling station in Ashford, on the way to the recycling station we stopped off at the daughter’s house which was only five minutes drive from her mother’s house in Ashford to deliver the personal effects.