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House Clearance Altrincham

Job Description

We were appointed to clear a few rooms, a garage and garden items from a superb detached house in Altrincham Manchester, our clients were selling the property and emigrating to Australia for work purposes with their two young children hoping to start a new and exciting life for the children. The couple had spent weeks preparing for the move and the majority of the furniture they had already either given away to family and friends and had a local charity shop in to take any items that could be sold. Some of their valuable items they said they had sold in advance to help fund their new start in Australia. There was not a lot left to clear in the main property as most of the goods had been moved to the garage or garden area to be cleared. The job was completed in under 4 hours.

Disposal of Contents

Most of the items in the garage were not suitable to donate to charity, however in the main house the couple had held on to essential items until the last minute such as beds, sideboard coffee tables etc. the children had held on to their prized possessions until the last moment as well so there were bikes, scooters and lots of toys which we were able to donate to a local charity shop in Altrincham. The couple had boxed up a couple of boxes of personal belongings that they did not have to room to take with them but they wished to keep so they asked us if we would deliver them to the lady’s mother’s house for safe storage which was only five minutes drive away in Altrincham, we loaded our van with all the items which were not suitable for charity and the items to deliver which we dropped off on the way to the recycling station in Altrincham.

Time To Complete

4 hours

Job Location

Altrincham Manchester


March 2015

Job Type

General house clearance, gincluding garage & garden clearance

Property Type

6 bedroom detached house

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