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Altrincham Manchester House Clearance Requirements
We were called this week by a couple who were about to move to Italy. They told us that they were unable to take any of their furniture with them so they wanted us to fully clear and clean their property so that they could rent it out in their absence. They also asked us if we could take a number of boxes to a secure storage unit so that they could pick them up at a later date which we agreed to do. There were also several items of furniture which they had marked which they asked us to take to a relative’s house nearby in Altrincham.

House Clearance Overview
We arrived at the property, a two bedroom maisonette in Altrincham at 10am. Our clients had left the keys to the property with a neighbour, so after picking these up, we let ourselves into the property and assessed what work needed to be done. As our clients had informed us, there was a stack of items to be taken to the secure storage unit sitting in the living room. After packing these into our Luton van, we then removed the items of furniture that had been marked for delivery to their relative’s house. One of our team then left to deliver this furniture as well as taking the boxes to the secure storage unit. While he was off delivering these items, we began to assess the rest of the furniture that remained. A lot of these items were of the flat pack variety and some were quite dented and scratched to the extent that they were not suitable for the charity shop. We decided therefore to break up these items and take them to the recycling station in Altrincham, while the few items of furniture that were in a good condition could be taken to a charity shop in Altrincham. After clearing all of these items, we were left with an empty property that needed to be cleaned. Beyond the usual wear and tear of daily living, the maisonette was not too dirty, so it took us just an hour to clean the whole property. Once we had completed our job we locked up the property, returned the keys to the neighbour as requested and drove the rest of the furniture off to be recycled.

Disposal of Contents
We were able to take some of the pieces of furniture to the charity shop, but the majority of it was taken to a recycling station in Altrincham. The rest of the items went to the secure storage unit and our clients relative.

Client Comments
Our clients emailed us to say that they were thrilled with the service that we had provided and were glad that we had managed to deliver the furniture to their relatives safely.

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