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Aldershot Hampshire general house clearance photos

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Date: February 2010

Job location: Aldershot Hampshire

Job type: General house clearance of furniture & carpet removal

Property type: 2 bedroom semi-detached house

Time to complete: 2.5 hours

Job description: We were appointed to clear a 2 bedroom semi detached house and remove all carpets and any underlay in the area of Aldershot Hampshire. The house had already been cleared of all of the smaller items of bric a brac, clothing and rubbish and was a simple case of clearing the furniture, carpets and any remaining items as the property had been sold and the new owners were renovating the house and required it to be clear of all possessions.              The job was completed in 2.5 hours.

Disposal of Contents: We took some of the furniture & standard lamps to a local charity shop in Aldershot which could be re sold, the remainder of the goods which we were unable to donate to charity such as carpets and furniture were taken to a local Recycling station in Aldershot.

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