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Cluttered & Verminous House Clearance Edinburgh

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Date: October 2009

Job location: Edinburgh

Job type: Verminous house clearance

Property type: 4 bedroom house

Time to complete: 3 days

Job description: We were appointed to clear a cluttered verminous 4 bedroom house in Edinburgh, Scotland. The property was in a very bad state of repair as you can see from the photographs and video below, rain water had been getting into the property for years which made the job a little more difficult as a lot of the furniture and carpets were water logged. This property was a large 4 bedroom house, again we were asked to sort and put aside any items of sentimental value and monetary value. This clearance took 3 days with 7 members of Abacus staff. We also removed a very large amount of rubbish as well as 2 pianos from the property and garden. Lastly we secured the property as it was very insecure.

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Verminous properties represent a health and environmental hazard and you can be prosecuted if the verminous waste isn’t removed & disposed of. Click here to find out more about the serious and potentially dangerous health risks verminous waste can represent to you and the environment.

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