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Abacus Wallpaper Stripping Service: Woodchip Wallpaper Removal Service

Wallpaper Stripping & Removal Service

Do you want wallpaper removed from walls (and ceilings) to prepare for re-papering or re-plastering, or simply for painting?

Many customers used to ask us if we could do this when we were carrying out house-clearance jobs, so we now include wallpaper stripping and removal as a stand-alone service – and we can do it for you at low cost.

Being a licensed house-clearance company, we also dispose of all the stripped wallpaper in the proper way.

Stripping wallpaper is one of the messiest and most time-consuming home-improvement jobs – and it can be very frustrating.

Should you steam or spray with chemicals? How do you avoid damaging the wall?

You need to know the correct techniques to get the job done properly. You also need to use the right tools and chemical substances – and to have lots of patience.

Why choose us?

• We are professional – fast, clean, efficient and reliable
• We supply all the tools and equipment needed
• We strip and remove all kinds of wallpaper, including the dreaded woodchip, from both walls and ceilings
• Our teams have the skills and experience, so can complete the job in a fraction of the time it would take a DIY enthusiast (whose enthusiasm is likely to disappear fairly rapidly)

How long will it take you?

Is it a two-bed apartment or a 20-bedroom mansion? To give you an idea, we have stripped wallpaper from the walls of a large 3-bedroom house in under 1 day. We’re quick workers!

What do you do with the wallpaper?

We are licensed to carry waste, and only use proper recycling centres. We dispose of everything in the proper way

Note that you can’t put out wallpaper, whether it’s used or unused, along with other paper for recycling. It has coatings and other contaminants which make it unsuitable for recycling back into paper.

‘Will stripping the wallpaper lead to a lot of dust and dirt?’

Our teams are trained to carry out the work as cleanly as possible and will spread dust-sheets as necessary to prevent any dirt from spreading.

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