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North London residents cut waste by half 20/Mar/2010

North London boroughs share award for cutting waste 20/Mar/2010

Shropshire schools learn good habits from rapping robot 20/Mar/2010

Solihull householders recycle equivalent of 882 bull elephants 20/Mar/2010

New Cheshire plant to carry out specialist metal recycling 20/Mar/2010

London mayor asked to clarify recycling plans 20/Mar/2010

Scarborough gets free WEEE collections 19/Mar/2010

West Midlands to get new recycling plant at Minworth 19/Mar/2010

East London recycling plant to make jet fuel out of waste 19/Mar/2010

New Luton plant recycles laminate packaging waste 19/Mar/2010

Enfield’s winning schoolchildren in recycling drive 19/Mar/2010

Essex householders urged to recycle old phone books 19/Mar/2010

North Devon gets new recycling boxes for old batteries 19/Mar/2010

Streatham residents join food recycling scheme 19/Mar/2010

Bromley tests new commuter recycling scheme at station 19/Mar/2010

Suffolk Champions the Recycling Movement 19/Mar/2010

Wolverhampton firm proves that recycling pays 19/Mar/2010

West Berkshire rejects recycling bin brother 19/Mar/2010

Warwickshire’s residents urged to recycle electricals 19/Mar/2010

Leeds Green Tower Block residents save thousands 19/Mar/2010

Crosby recycling contest gives pupils the green light 19/Mar/2010

Bromsgrove’s fantastic new recycling plant opened 19/Mar/2010

Sutton AD plant downsized after waste recalculation 12/Mar/2010

London’s waste infrastructure gets £28 million funding boost 12/Mar/2010

Derbyshire council launches new recycling drive 12/Mar/2010

Dagenham plant to get London plastic bottles for recycling 12/Mar/2010

Dagenham Dock plant to generate energy from waste 12/Mar/2010

Vale of Glamorgan recycling scheme gets amazing response 12/Mar/2010

Three Rivers, Hertfordshire residents to recycle more plastic 12/Mar/2010

Hull recycling scheme is a phenomenal success 12/Mar/2010

Great Dunmow, Essex waste centre gets go-ahead 12/Mar/2010

London charity funding will help young homeless 11/Mar/2010

Dagenham’s revolutionary new plant in plastics recycling 11/Mar/2010

Kent council to agree recycling deal with Marks and Spencer 11/Mar/2010

Redcar plant makes green firm a recycling star 11/Mar/2010

Waltham Forest recycling contract won by Verdant 11/Mar/2010

Portsmouth switches to mixed-glass bring banks 11/Mar/2010

Warwickshire iPhone app to boost recycling 11/Mar/2010

Liverpool Liverbird flies the flag for recycling 11/Mar/2010

South Ayrshire leads the way in recyling 11/Mar/2010

Newham recycling plant achieves 99pc recovery of plastic 06/Mar/2010

London mayor welcomes great response to recycling appeal 06/Mar/2010

Sutton recycling centre plan angers Beddington residents 06/Mar/2010

Kent fly-tipping scourge prompts new campaign 06/Mar/2010

London councils object to public using household rubbish service 06/Mar/2010

Bristol tests cash incentives for recycling rubbish 05/Mar/2010

East Lothian beach cleared of rubbish by surfers 05/Mar/2010

Aberdeenshire to agree £200m waste deal with French firm 05/Mar/2010

St Helens’ new plant to recycle electric waste 05/Mar/2010

Norwich Castle re-built out of recyclable rubbish 05/Mar/2010

Middleton youth clean up rubbish 03/Mar/2010

Thanet Clean Sweep brushes away the rubbish 03/Mar/2010

Norfolk anti-litter volunteers offered cash reward 03/Mar/2010

Plymouth sculpture promotes recycling and World Cup bid 03/Mar/2010

London residents raise their recycling rate 03/Mar/2010

Tower Hamlets Council slashes Whitechapel market rubbish 26/Feb/2010

Sutton Council wheels in baby bins to increase recycling 26/Feb/2010

Waltham Forest residents recycle 12,000 plastic bags 26/Feb/2010

Surrey Heath residents show they’re champion recyclers 26/Feb/2010

London’s Savoy to feed energy plant – with recycled food 26/Feb/2010

Liverpool City Council Launch War on Disposable Nappies 26/Feb/2010

Merton boosts on-the-go recycling 25/Feb/2010

Newham and London mayors open new recycling centre 25/Feb/2010

Redbridge school wins Yellow Pages recycling award 25/Feb/2010

Richmond Upon Thames recycling rate rises to 43 pc 25/Feb/2010

Southwark signs £665m waste deal 25/Feb/2010

Surrey bans Croydon residents from using its rubbish dumps 25/Feb/2010

Lambeth’s new recycling scheme has double benefits 25/Feb/2010

Kingston Upon Thames flat-dwellers get doorstep recycling 25/Feb/2010

Islington scheme launched to help businesses recycle 25/Feb/2010

Hillingdon’s council recycle Valentine goodies 25/Feb/2010

Havering recycling trial proves a whopping success 25/Feb/2010

Ealing Council shares recycling award 25/Feb/2010

Bexley hit by fly-tipping of deadly asbestos 23/Feb/2010

Hounslow named as the fourth dirtiest place in England. 23/Feb/2010

Gloucestershire Composters 21/Feb/2010

Bromley suffers five cases of asbestos fly-tipping 20/Feb/2010

Westminster fly-tipping rises by 25pc 20/Feb/2010

Croydon Council urged to tackle fly-tipping epidemic 20/Feb/2010

Lewisham mayor’s fly-tipping claim rubbished 20/Feb/2010

Haringey and Tottenham Green team seize fly-tipping vehicle 20/Feb/2010

City of London big and nasty fly-tipping cases declines 20/Feb/2010

Greenwich fly-tipping blamed on bulky rubbish charge 20/Feb/2010

Hackney’s waste management service poor 20/Feb/2010

Brent chosen as a Zero Waste Place 20/Feb/2010

Enfield fly-tipping doubles since recycling centre closed 20/Feb/2010

Harrow fines multimillion housing boss for fly-tipping 20/Feb/2010

Camden residents will be paid for recycled electrical items 20/Feb/2010

Barking residents with rubbish gardens are warned 20/Feb/2010

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