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Wills advice

A living will and advanced directives explained
What happens if your loved one has not left a will?
What if your loved one has not made a will?

UK Probate advice

Understanding probate and wills
What is it and how does it effect an inheritance?
UK Probate: Taxes
When do I need a grant of representation?
Grants of Representation: Who is entitled to apply for a grant of representation?
How to apply for a grant of representation (in the uk).
Probate Offices

Compulsive hoarding advice

What is Compulsive Hoarding Syndrome?
What is the difference between “normal” collecting, hobbies, and Compulsive Hoarding?
The Physiology and Treatment of Compulsive Hoarding Syndrome
Living with someond with CHS How Compulsive Hoarding Syndrome effects a family.
Compulsive Hoarding Syndrome Case Study: The Collyer Brothers

Death of a loved one

What to take care of first after the death of your loved one
Who to inform when a loved one dies
Advice, support and comfort for the bereaved

Arranging the funeral
Choosing a funeral director
Coping and dealing with grief
Coroner’s fees, post-mortem and the inquest
Dealing with the financial and tax affairs of a lost loved one
Documents and information needed when someone dies
Financial help for the bereaved
Guide to dealing with property after the death of your loved one
Paying for the cost of the funeral
Registering the death of your loved one
The cost of selling your dead loved one’s home
Putting your loved one’s home up for sale
Tips for selling your loved one’s home

Nursing Homes

Getting help with the cost towards a nursing home
Moving into a nursing home
The different types of nursing homes
What to look for when choosing a nursing home

Inheritance tax

Paying inheritance tax if you are the executor

Selling a property advice

Tips for finding a good estate agent
Home Selling: Sale Includes Checklist
Getting A Mortgage: Mortgage Types
Selling Your Home: How To Market Your Home
Selling Your Home Yourself: Pros & Cons
Why Is My Home Not Selling?

Buying a property

Buying A Home: Raising The Deposit
Buying A Home: Making An Offer
Find Real Estate Agents
Choosing The Right Area To Live In
Home Buying: Budgeting
Home Buying: Viewing The Property
Home Buying: Maintenance & Structural Checklist
Home Buying: Home Buying Wish List
Home Buying: Home Fixtures & Fittings Inventory Checklist
View Property Inspection Checklist

Moving home

Changing Address Checklist
Choosing The Right Area To Live In
Moving Home Checklist
Moving Home Guide
Moving Home: Hiring A Removal Firm
Moving Home: Selling Your Home Checklist
Moving Home: How To Price Your Home