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Trustpilot Review – 9th March 2017


I cannot express just how good this company has been in what can only be described as a very trying time for my entire family.
From first contact with Carol in the office to the gentlemen on the day the entire process has been handled with the greatest care and discretion. They have all gone above and beyond to reassure both of my parents who were there to supervise on the day and couldn’t have been more helpful in any way shape or form. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second in recommending these wonderful people to anybody who finds themselves in need of their services.Thank you all

Emailed Testimony – 10th January 2017

Guy from Newport Said:

(Unable to be present for the clearance – we collected keys from Solicitors and followed Guy’s instructions which were emailed to us in advance and then we sent pictures of the completed clearance by email to Guy for approval)

Many thanks Carol

It looks like they have done a really good job.

Could you thank the men for their work and professionalism, they were really good at keeping me informed and have clearly done an excellent job.

Thank you again for your help with this.

With kind regards


Emailed Testimony – 28th December 2016

Tracy from Waltham Abbey Said:
I would just like to inform you how pleased we were with your service for my dads house clearance in Waltham Abbey. We didn’t call your team in until the very end and regretted it! If we had to do it again we would call you in much sooner! They were very quick, efficient and left everything very tidy, Thank you

Laura from Shenfield Said:

Emailed Testimony – 10th September 2016

Bill, Nathan and Les came to clear and clean my father’s house a few weeks ago. The whole process was straightforward and efficiently carried out from the initial conversation with Carol, follow-up emails to confirm and on the day itself. Bill, Nathan and Les arrived early, took care to listen to my instructions which they followed to the letter and got on with the job! They were cheerful, flexible and helpful and made a potentially difficult day smooth and pleasant. I would definitely use Abacus again if I needed the service and would have no hesitation in recommending them to others. Thank you so much!

Ian from Argyll Said:

Emailed Testimony – 30th August 2016
Dear Carol,

I write to compliment you on the excellent service provided by your team. the guys must have had a trying time finding the rather remote property, but remained cheerful and industrious throughout what must have been a very hard day, and indeed night, by the time they got home.
They were great.

Many thanks indeed.


Paula from St Leonards by the Sea Said:
Emailed Testimony – 26th August 2016

I used Abacus Property clearance to clear my sister’s house after she died. The customer service I received was excellent from the start. Communication was excellent and the clearance was arranged for a few days later.

The clearance took place on the hottest day of the year. Despite the heat the lads remained cheerful and professional throughout the clearance. My sister was a hoarder so there was loads of junk but the lads didn’t mention the condition of the property which really made things much easier for me to cope with. They worked so hard to make sure the property was cleared in a day, they must have been completely exhausted.
I would highly recommend Abacus to anyone looking to clear a property.
Ania from Wellingborough Said:
Emailed Testimony – 8th August 2016
I have really enjoyed the sensitivity, honesty and sense of humour that is needed for a removal of this nature.  I will definitely be recommending you to any friends obviously not just because I think they need their house defumigating!!!!

Nicola from Dundee Said:

Emailed Testimony – 19th May 2016


I just wanted to say such a big thank you for the job you did. The guys were amazing, so friendly and extremely efficient. They were very respectful of the property and my newly painted walls and managed the horrible stairs to my flat brilliantly. Your service was 100% worth the money and I don’t believe I would have been able to clear my flat ready for the market without you. Please give my regards to the whole team and thank them for such a great experience.

Thanks, Nicola.

Valerie from Hertfordshire Said:

Emailed Testimony – 7th April 2016

I would like to thank Abacus for making the clearance of my mother’s flat so easy and trouble-free.
Bill Brosnan and his team arrived bright and early, and worked very hard. They were extremely courteous, helpful and efficient. They were very considerate in dealing with the constraints of working in a retirement block of flats with other older people around, and I was delighted to see how neat and tidy they left the flat when they had finished.
I would recommend Abacus to my friends without hesitation and I am happy for you to publish this endorsement.
Kind regards

Valerie – Hertfordshire


Kath from Southampton Said:

Emailed Testimony – 22nd January 2016

Hi, I would just like to thank Bill and his team for the fantastic job they did for us in Southampton last Wednesday. My mum was over the moon and we really enjoyed the banter and laughs we had with them. At least our mind is at rest and the place can go on the market. Please thank them all from me and thanks for finding the folder of photos.
Kath – Southampton


Trevor from Walsall Said:

Emailed Testimony – 20th January 2016

“Thank you so much to Abacus Property Clearance.

My wife’s aunt died and left a 1 bedroom flat full of “stuff” both useful, recyclable and rubbish. After a very pleasant phone call we arranged, at a distance, for Abacus to completely clear the place. We were delayed on our journey to meet at the property by traffic but the guys stayed there until we arrived, cleared out the place with courtesy and sympathy including removal of carpets, curtains and lampshades. The property was left in a condition that enabled us to hand it back to the owners within an hour.

A service I would recommend especially as they are partners with British Heart Foundation and donate as much as they can to that worthy cause.”


Chrissy from Bury Said:

Emailed Testimony – 8th January 2016

After losing our Dad earlier in the year, we had the difficult job of clearing the house to make it ready for sale eventually. My brother and I first spent time together, going through family mementos and belongings, but then quickly realised that the next stage, of clearing everything else was going to be huge. I live at the other end of the country, and my brother was unable to take time off to deal with it.

After extensive research, I made early general inquiries at Abacus, and Carol was so sweet, sensitive and understanding through my numerous calls, before we were in a position to set the date. We were so pleased with the professional ‘can do’ approach from everyone at Abacus from beginning to end.They were thorough,swift , professional,and lovely to deal with, at what is a difficult time.It was nice to know that Mum and Dad’s nicest things were donated to the Heart Foundation too.We asked for the property to be cleaned, ready for the new owner, and this was done brilliantly.

I can only say that we were so pleased that we had not risked a “cowboy trader” ,and that we entrusted the job to Abacus, who did not let us down.
Thankyou so much
Chrissy – Bury


The British Heart Foundation said:

Scanned Letter

BHF Letter

Dear Carol
I am delighted to be able to inform we received a donation to our Hereford Store from Abacus Property Clearance. We received a mixture of furniture and standard items from a local house clearance, these items could raise £1,122 towards the fight against heart disease, which is absolutely fantastic.
The funds raised from the sale of these items could fund training in life-saving CPR for over 3 adult and youth community groups.
Please pass on our thanks to all concerned
Thank you for your continued support of the British Heart Foundation.
Yours sincerely,

British Heart Foundation
Retail Division
Crown House
Church Road Claygate Surrey, KT10 0BF
Telephone (Direct): 01372 477466


Sarah (Leeds) said:

Scanned testimony




  • Hello. My name is Sarah and I am a compulsive hoarder.
    I contacted Abacus after 8 months of inpatient psychiatric care for severe anxiety and hoarding.
    I have always been a “collector”. As a child I had a messy bedroom, fill of things that meant something to me, but to anyone else would be junk. I could never throw things away and would often cry at being made to clear my room. It was a reaction to being abused. Stuff made me feel safe. When I was fostered and then adopted, it meant I belonged and my stuff was me.
    Student life continued in the same vein, typically messy student. I hoarded books and papers and journals. Clearing out my flat took an entire week.
    As an adult renting a house that was inspected every six months, the week before inspection was terrifying. Cupboards crammed full and things hidden everywhere.
    Then I bought my own house and it started to go downhill. On the outside I was a clean neat person who held a respectable job as a teacher. On the inside I was increasingly anxious and not coping with the stress, and the hoarding started to take over. There was no one thing that I hoarded, it was a combination of junk, that made me feel safe.
    And then came the day where I couldn’t leave the house. I was signed off sick with anxiety and depression and that was it. I couldn’t leave the house even to go to the wheelie bin, food shopping was delivered and left on the mat outside until I could work up the courage to open the door to bring it in.
    And the rubbish got worse and higher and smellier. The bedroom became unusable it was full, and you couldn’t see the bed, let alone sleep in it.
    So then I moved to the sofa with a sleeping bag. Tried to keep myself as clean as I could though even the shower and the sink became unusable. I was “washing” with dry shampoo and baby wipes. I honestly believed I would never get out and never get my house back, it was too far gone.
    The day I decided to kill myself was the day my abuser got out of prison. I phoned an ambulance and got them to come and get me. The ambulance drivers visibly recoiled at the smell and had to sedate me to get me out of the house. I was admitted under section to a psychiatric unit where I spent 8 months, working on anxiety and hoarding behaviours.
    Discharge started to be talked about but it was clear that I couldn’t go home till I got my house sorted and that became a condition of my discharge.
    I emailed several companies. It was a pretty desperate email, including the fact that I have a phone phobia and so I couldn’t speak.
    I had several emails back. Some tried to call me anyway. Some quoted me prices I could never have afforded.
    Then Abacus popped into my inbox with Carol, and saying that they could clear the house no problem and quoted what turned out to be an incredible price. I was dealt with so sensitively and there was no judgement or shame put onto me, Abacus genuinely wanted to help.
    Emails went back and forth and sorted out what the job would entail. Carol made herself my point of contact throughout, meaning it was safe to say what was happening, and how I was feeling. Seeing the photos and testimonials on their website helped and Carol assured me they wouldn’t let me down. I posted the key to Carol and she booked me in.
    On the day a team of 3 men including Bill, the owner of the business were at my house. They were in an unmarked van and said nothing to my neighbours about what was going on, meaning my secret was safe.
    Carol texted me throughout the day giving me updates and asking questions about things that they found, did I want them or not, could they do this, I was still in control of it. Day two was the same, updates and reassurance. I also had asked for the cleaning service too and again questions and suggestions were made.
    One of the things that attracted me to Abacus was their policy never to fly tip and to recycle as much as possible, including giving anything suitable to charity.
    Still in the unit, Carol sent me photos. Wow, it looked amazing. Gone were the piles of rotten rubbish and worthless junk. Gone were the flies and insects.
    Nothing though prepared me for seeing it for the first time. It was absolutely incredible. It was clean, clear and I could get in every room! The bathroom suite was gleaming white like new and everything left was neatly stacked and sorted, I had a second chance.
    Overcoming my phone phobia to call Carol to tell her how stunned I was was a emotional experience, I’m not sure who was more nervous – that’s how much Carol wanted to do a good job.
    If you are reading this, there is hope, you can recover and there is no shame in needing help. I can’t recommend Abacus highly enough – they really are specialists in helping hoarders. They are trustworthy, reliable and sensitive. Carol, Bill and team helped me change my life, literally. Please call them. They will help.
  • Bronwen S (Edinburgh, Scotland) said:
    Scanned testimony

    Dear IrvinI am just writing to thank you very much for all the assistance that you and your team have given to me in relation to the clearance of my family property.As I explained to you when making arrangements for you to carry out this job the property, whilst it had been occupied ( I am not sure I can honestly say lived in!) up to four months ago had not been attended to for a great many years and on top of the dilapidation that was evident in the dampness, leaking roofs and collapsed ceilings in some rooms, it was also extremely cluttered! Sadly it was so cluttered in some rooms we could not see, never mind access, the other side of the room.Just to make matters more complicated from my point of view I live many hundreds of miles from the property so were unable to meet to discuss matters beforehand which could have been a problem with a disreputable company.You were professional throughout, you agreed a price with me and stuck to it. You and your team turned up on time and not only worked their socks off but did it with good humor and a degree of sensitivity given the fact that you were of course clearing out what had been my family’s personal history!The job took longer than either of us anticipated and as you know I felt sufficiently at ease to leave you with the key to finalise the clearance without my being physically present.You very sensibly checked with me when anything looked important or valuable and you and your team cleared the entire house without causing me any of the anxiety or stress which I had expected!I will certainly recommend you on a personal and professional level and wish you all the best.Best wishesBronwenView the photos from this clearance
  • P. Graham (Dover Kent) said:
    Scanned testimony

    I write with reference to the team from Abacus that came to our rescue today.I won`t bore you with the tale of woe, but we were left with a small house that was in dire straits that my other half and I had been trying to deal with for a while leading to tears, tantrums and several unpleasant domestic rows-not to mention the hard work involved in just getting two foot inside the door.I called Abacus. They arrived exactly when they said they would – in fact they were early! The situation in the house, it seemed, was much worse than I thought after my uninvited guests had departed, and was beginning to think that I would have to make arrangements for another day and then have to put off all deliveries etc that had been planned.Abacus to the rescue!The appropriate skip was ordered (50 yarder) and delivered that day and I was assured that they`d sort it all out the same day. The guys worked like Trojans and whilst identifying important documents and items selected as keepers, cleared the entire house without a moment of stress or anxiety on our part.I wouldn`t wish what happened to us on a soul, but these things happen to a great or lesser degree all the time. In hindsight, I wish I`d called in professional help immediately rather than even attempt this task alone, and would have no hesitation in recommending Abacus to anyone with a similar problem, howsoever caused.View the photos from this clearance
  • A. Brinkburn (Eastleigh Hampshire) said:
    Scanned testimony

    When we were faced with needing to restore order to my Mum`s horrendously cluttered bungalow once she had become ill and had to go into hospital, we initially tried to tackle the clearance ourselves. It quickly became apparent that, particularly living 300 miles away, the scale of the task was far too great. I discovered Abacus on the web and saw its photos of house clearances and testimonials from other people facing similar dilemmas.Once I had spoken with Ian on the telephone I was impressed with his understanding, straightforward and non-judgemental manner. He put me at my ease in dealing with what was a highly emotional and sensitive situation. He reassured me that nothing shocked him and that no problem was too big for him and his team.Having agreed the items to be kept, I sent Abacus a key and we agreed a date and time to meet at the property. Ian and his team caused me slight surprise in telephoning me to state that they intended arriving half a day early. As it transpired, this was of real benefit, as, once they had gained access to all the rooms (due to missing keys) the amount to be cleared was discovered to be even greater than we had anticipated.Ian managed the whole situation in a highly professional and efficient manner. Despite the huge task with which they were presented, significant amounts of cash, personal possessions and items of great sentimental value were retrieved from the chaos and kept safe by the team. He and his team were courteous and extremley hard working throughout. The job took 2½ days and they started at 6am to finish by 4pm on the Saturday so as to minimise any inconvenience to the neighbours.We are extremely happy with the work and the thorough clearance that Abacus carried out and we have no hesitation in recommending Abacus to others facing the same dilemma that we did.Thank you for a superb job.Yours sincerely A B View the photos from this clearance
  • M. Davies (Kensington, West London) said:
    Scanned testimony
    We contacted Abacus Property Clearances after trying to empty my parents’ home for two years. The house was exceptionally full of a mixture of plain and simple rubbish, intermingled with items of considerable sentimental value.It was with some trepidation at the thought of employing a clearance company that we contacted Abacus, but we now feel it was definitely the best thing we could have done.Ian and his team salvaged furniture, ornaments and personal possessions from within the chaos of the house, whilst clearing the obvious rubbish and emptying the house in an incredibly short time given the amount of work they had to do. Their only break from work was five minutes in which to eat lunch. They worked tirelessly doing a demanding and difficult job.The team of six men (plus an additional two to clear the jungle of a garden) were punctual, polite, and straight away got on with the job of clearing the house quietly and efficiently.We were impressed by how Ian managed his team, who are a credit to him. They arranged everything, from the skip hire to the recycling, and did so in a calm, professional manner.It was the small things that made the big difference during the clearance, for example, when a neighbour’s car needed moving to allow skip access, Abacus politely and efficiently talked to the neighbour directly, without myself needing to be involved, and the neighbour happily moved his car straight away. It is the little things such as this that made the whole process that much easier for us.Ian and his team were completely trustworthy, and after agreeing what was to be left in the house and what was to be removed, we were more than happy to leave them with a key to complete the job and forward the key back to us.As the house clearance was particularly emotional for us, we were grateful for the professional, understanding approach that was shown by the team.After seeing the results of Ian and his team’s work, and the manner in which they went about it, I have no hesitation in recommending the company to other people that require their services.View the photos from this clearance
  • P. Midds (Axbridge, Somerset) said:
    Scanned testimony

    Dear Sir, we needed a relative’s house cleaning and emptying urgently. We called your company and you provided an excellent service. All the arrangements that were made with you were carried out as you had promised. You and your team turned up exactly the time you had said. You were friendly, polite and put us at our ease in what was a difficult and sensitive situation. You explained exactly what you would do for us and you carried it out to the letter. The result of your team’s work was again exactly what you had promised. The keys were returned to us promptly and we are pleased with the result. We would recommend you to other people and we thank you for the service you delivered.View the photos from this clearance


  • P. Blanchfield (Barnard Castle, County Durham) said:
    Scanned testimony
    I would like to say how efficient your company was in clearing my late mother’s house. I am quite happy to recommend you to other customers. Thank you.View the photos from this clearance


  • R. W. Badulsh (Soham, East Cambridgeshire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    I booked a house clearance from Abacus over the internet. The house was a Victorian terraced house in Cambridge full of 50 plus years of clutter. The team arrived promptly and worked very hard through the (2) day. They did an excellent job. There was a wide range of of different materials and some very heavy and awkward loads. I would definitely recommend them.View the photos from this clearance


  • A. Brown (Richmond, Greater London) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Abacus live up to their reputation. I chose them at random from their website having read previous testimonials. The workers arrived on time, very helpful, hardworking and polite. The house was very cluttered and full of items to be cleared but they excelled themselves in clearing everything. They worked continuously, no breaks taken apart from brief lunch, always friendly and respectful of the fact that they were clearing my mother’s house who can no longer stay here. Would strongly recommend them and would certainly use them in the future.View the photos from this clearance


  • J. Puxty (Golders Green, Greater London) said:
    Scanned testimony
    118I am very pleased with the work you did on clearing the house for me. Your team were on time, friendly and helpful and did a good job. When you realised that the job was going to be much bigger than you expected you made arrangements to allocate more time to it there and then which was a great relief for me. I understand from neighbours that you were there until 7.00pm both Friday and Saturday – thank you. My wife and I went away for the weekend, returning on the Sunday afternoon to find the property cleared. I was especially grateful to Mike who agreed to fit a new lock on the front door when I explained that I was having trouble getting copies of the existing key. All in all a good job which has meant that I have been able to proceed straight away with arranging the sale of the property. Overall I am pleased with the work you have done and would recommend your company to others.View the photos from this clearance


  • L. Shepherd (Warrington, Cheshire) said:
    Scanned testimony

    The guys arrived promptly at 9.00am and made extremely light work of clearing 30 years of clutter! They were very professional and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend them.View the photos from this clearance
  • C. Clay (Stalybridge, Greater Manchester) said:
    Scanned testimony
    I would like to extend my grateful thanks for your service. The gentlemen arrived promptly, were extremely polite, hard working and cleared everything that was requested in a timely fashion. I would not hesitate to use your services again. Many thanks.View the photos from this clearance


  • K. Paidler (Bromley, South East London) said:
    Scanned testimony

    Movers turned up on time. Cleared everything as requested. All very friendly guys. Work was done very quickly.View the photos from this clearance


  • Y. Boyes (Pudsey, West Yorkshire) said:
    Scanned testimony

    Abacus were very efficient and arrived on time. Left garden tidy and removed an old caravan.View the photos from this clearance


  • E. Peterlee (Reading, Berkshire) said:
    Scanned testimony

    Abacus was booked for 9.00am and the team arrived promptly ready to complete the job. The team started work immediately. In the kitchen the (electric) cooker proved to be a problem to disconnect and remove, they persisted with it until it was free and were able to remove it safely. Everything was removed from the property with 1.5 hours. An efficient job done.View the photos from this clearance


  • L. Beattie (Bridgwater, Somerset) said:
    Scanned testimony

Thanks to your guys for the speedy clearance of my grandparents house. They were polite, chatty and very careful and efficient – made the whole job much easier.View the photos from this clearance


  • P. E. Taylor (Ilford, London) said:
    Scanned testimony
    This is to confirm that I am entirely satisfied with the house clearance service which I used today. The team were in advance of the appointment time and worked without breaks. They also were extremely helpful in clearing more that they had expected from a bungalow. It was a pleasure to have them doing the job and I will recommend your services whenever the occasion arises.View the photos from this clearance
  • P. Edwards (Bedford, Bedfordshire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Your team arrived promptly this morning. Everything was cleared promptly and quickly by 11.10am. I would recommend the company to any future customers.View the photos from this clearance
  • J. E. T. Turnbull (King’s Lynn, Norfolk) said:
    Scanned testimony
    I had originally tried to clear the house myself but after checking on skips, tips etc. I decided to go for a house clearance company. I came across Abacus on the internet and after a brief conversation arranged for them to do the work. They were excellent. Turned up on time, finished when they said they would, left a clean job and were courteous throughout. No hesitation in recommending them.View the photos from this clearance
  • J. V. Goddard (Warminster, West Wiltshire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    The team turned up early and were very keen to start work. They were all cheerful and efficient. They worked extremely hard until the job was done to our complete satisfaction. We would have no hesitation in recommending this team to anyone needing a speedy, cheerful and efficient service.View the photos from this clearance
  • B. Holt (Cornwall, South West) said:
    Scanned testimony
    I engaged Abacus to fully clear, and then clean my late sister’s house. The task was massive and very unpleasant, but they quoted and stuck to a good price. The task was carried out promptly and to a good standard. They lived up to their ‘we will not let you down’ slogan in every respect. I would not hesitate to use their services again. Many thanks.View the photos from this clearance
  • K. Cadman (Chiswick, West London) said:
    Scanned testimony

    Thank you for your prompt and efficient service. My friend’s house was cleared of all furniture, clothes, bedding and knick-nacks, without any damage to the property. The 3 young men you sent were polite and friendly and took pleasure in a job well done. Once again thankyou very much.View the photos from this clearance
  • G. Dein (Guildford, Surrey) said:
    Scanned testimony
    I have 22 years medical experience as a GP and I have never seen a parents’ house in such a filthy and cluttered condition as this 3 bedroomed semi. The 6 men worked diligently for two full days amidst very distasteful conditions, but were good humoured and cooperative in efforts to preserve the few items of value amidst the filth. They found and handed in various unfound small valuables, and I would regard them as trustworthy in that respect. I feel they were good value as a service combined cleaning and disposal which would otherwise be difficult to obtain.View the photos from this clearance
  • P. Mckenzie (Perth, Scotland) said:
    Scanned testimony
    I found Abacus to be very professional and understanding in dealing with the matter in hand, which was a challenging clear-up to undertake. They carried out the job quickly and efficiently, this was most appreciated in view of the terrible conditions of the property concerned. This house could not have been cleared without them and I would happily recommend this company to anyone. Many thanks again to the guys for their hard work.View the photos from this clearance
  • Jenny Clarkson (Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Abacus are a very professional yet caring company with high standards. From the initial telephone calls & e-mail dialogue to finally meeting the team, we were always impressed by their unfailing politeness as well as their good humour too. Faced with a task even more difficult than anyone had anticipated, they never once complained & went about their unenviable task with due diligence & respect. They quoted a price & stuck to it, arrived on time and completed when they said they would. In such a distressing circumstance, I am very grateful for their high standards and impeccable service.View the photos from this clearance
  • L. Hendley (Tranmere, Merseyside) said:
    Scanned testimony
    We contacted Abacus via the internet to clear my deceased uncle’s house. They confirmed by telephone the day before the agreed appointment. They arrived promptly and efficiently and cleared the home my uncle who had lived in it for 60 years! A terrific jobe done.I have no hesitation in recommending Abacus & guys who were really helpful.View the photos from this clearance
  • M. Emery (Horsham, West Sussex) said:
    Scanned testimony
    The above company attended site as planned on the date above. They were punctual and signed in as requested. The foreman introduced himself and an introduction of the site took place before work commenced. The clearance was carried out efficiently and without fuss. The job was completed on time and all materials were removed. The void was difficult to work in with a restriction in height. Materials were random and not easy to gather together. I can confirm that we were very happy with the service that we received from Abacus.View the photos from this clearance
  • S. Scurfield (Newcastle, Tyne & Wear) said:
    Scanned testimony
    When emptying the building the company arrived on time (were actually waiting for me) and proceeded to clear the building in a professional and friendly manner. Nothing was a bother to them and I would certainly consider employing them again in the future. Many thanks.View the photos from this clearance
  • D. W. Horne (Chelmsford, Essex) said:
    Scanned testimony
    I used Abacus to clear my mother’s cottage after she had passed away, and to clean the property after clearance. The work people were kind, cheerful and extremely efficient in their work. I would have no hesitation in reccomending Abacus for any similar work or to any person with a similar task. Finally I consider their pricing to be fair and commensurate with the task. A job well done.View the photos from this clearance
  • K. Bruce (Dartford, Kent) said:
    Scanned testimony
    An absolutely outstanding service, quick, efficient and friendly. I would highly recommend the team to anyone.View the photos from this clearance
  • J. M. Pennel (Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire) said:
    Scanned testimony

    The service they provided for me was prompt, efficient and professional. This was most appreciated in view of the terrible conditions of the property concerned. The help and understanding by the workforce greatly assisted our family with coping with a very stressful experience. I have no hesitation in recommending then to anyone.View the photos from this clearance
  • J. G. Fisher (Wylam, Tyndale) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Excellent job – prompt arrival & everything dealth with in a friendly and efficient manner.View the photos from this clearance
  • B. Abey (Aston, Birmingham, West Midlands) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Prompt, excellent service. Really helpful guys. Made paying a pleasure!View the photos from this clearance
  • Pam W. (Bury, Greater Manchester) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Excellent service, very helpful and friendly guys, nothing too much trouble. Would recommend to anyone. Many thanks.View the photos from this clearance
  • G. L. Ball (Kidderminster, Worcestershire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    All of the men were very pleasant and helpful. Everything done quickly and without any problems. Everything cleared as promised. Thankyou very much.View the photos from this clearance
  • K. Watts (Newcastle, Tyneside) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Quick, efficient & friendly. Would recommend to anyone needing to clear an elderly relative’s house.View the photos from this clearance
  • Julie B. (Jedburgh, Scottish Borders) said:
    Scanned testimony
    A very thorough job, the team arrived on time and worked hard to clear an extremely cluttered 5 bedroom property in around 5 hours. A good service.View the photos from this clearance
  • B. Adamson (Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Thankyou to the three great lads who made a difficult house clearance easy. The lads arrived early and worked almost non-stop. They were polite, friendly and courteous. This house could not have been cleared without them and I would happily recommend this company.View the photos from this clearance
  • J Smith (Bainbridge, Richmondshire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Following the death of a family relative we were confronted with the clearance of the house which was in a state of squalor! The rooms were elevated by 2-3 foot of rubbish, rotting food etc. We contacted the Abacus team who were extremely helpful & supportive, they arrived on time and despite the dreadful conditions worked tirelessly to get the job done. They did what they promised and cleared the whole house. The team was fantastic and did not complain in any way – great guys who we got on with very well and we cannot thank them enough, and would recommend them to anyone facing the kind of problems we were confronted with. Thanks to you all.View the photos from this clearance
  • Darren P.T. (Cheltenham, Gloucestershire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    A very good and courteous service at what is a difficult time in clearing a parent’s house. Highly recommended.View the photos from this clearance
  • H. Dutton (Lichfield, Staffordshire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Arrived on time – very understanding. Excellent service, took exactly 3 hours just as they had estimated. Would recommend them to anyone!View the photos from this clearance
  • John L. (Prestwick, Scotland) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Exactly as described on the web. On time, no fuss, fast. I’d use again. Thanks.View the photos from this clearance
  • M. Hill (Kent, South East) said:
    Scanned testimony
    4 strong young men arrived promptly and within 4 hours had cleared thouroughly a large 4 bedroom house. They were pleasant and efficient and I would recommend this service to anyone requiring a house clearance.View the photos from this clearance
  • L. Beagley (Watford, Hertfordshire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    The men arrived early, worked hard and cleared everything they could. A good job, well done.View the photos from this clearance
  • J. Nickholson (Livingston, Scotland) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Dear sir, thank you for such prompt service in clearing our house prior to sale. A very thourough job and professionally done. With thanks.View the photos from this clearance
  • R. Todhunter (Redditch, Worcestershire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Moved office furniture through a small staircase without having much fuss. On time and worked well. Good work lads. All the best for the future. Many thanks.View the photos from this clearance
  • J. Bernstein (Cockermouth, Cumbria) said:
    Scanned testimony
    I found Abacus to be prompt, punctual, courteous and efficient. They did an excellent job.View the photos from this clearance
  • D. Riley (Norwich, Norfolk) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Booked for 9.00am, arrived at 8.20am. Hard working team carried out the clearance efficiently and without fuss. I can recommend Abacus to anyone needing a house clearance. A great team of lads.View the photos from this clearance
  • D.W Johnston (Whitby, North Yorkshire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Many thanks – did a great job. Turned up on time and cleared the house very quickly, excellent job.View the photos from this clearance
  • I. Palmer (Castleford, West Yorkshire)) said:
    Scanned testimony
    I would certainly recommend Abacus. They cleared my father’s 2 bedroomed house in a morning. Turned up on time and worked hard throughout. Service was friendly and considerate with due care being taken to be truly professional.View the photos from this clearance
  • C. Gardner (Richmond, North Yorkshire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Excellent service from this family run company. Would have no hesitation in recommending them if you require your house cleared. Thanks to all three of you.View the photos from this clearance
  • D. J. Gley (Ripon, North Yorkshire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Very efficient service, arrived on time and worked tirelessly. A huge job done really quickly. I would recommend this team to anyone.View the photos from this clearance
  • A. Crame (West Bromwich, West Midlands) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Very pleased with the service. They arrived on time and were very efficient in the removal of the house contents. They were able to give a firm quote (unlike many similar concerns). We would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.View the photos from this clearance
  • J. Venables (Stevenage, Hertfordshire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    The guys were prompt, efficient, friendly and did a great job, even moving a very heavy piano! Thanks very much.View the photos from this clearance
  • R. R. Jackson (Leicester, Leicestershire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    A good job done, easily arranged, good timekeeping and hard workers. Thank you.View the photos from this clearance
  • S. Lets (Shrewsbury, Shropshire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Very polite, very quick, very thorough, great job. Many thanks.View the photos from this clearance
  • J. Middlesmiss (Hertford, Hertfordshire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Thanks to the three of you for your hard work and dilligence clearing my parent’s bungalow. It has been a very difficult time and your help was invaluable.View the photos from this clearance
  • E. Smith (Edinburgh, Scotland) said:
    Scanned testimony
    The guys were great – arrived on time and were helpful and friendly. Despite being 2 floors up they worked hard in very warm weather to get everything taken away, saving us a great deal of time and hassle. Well worth the money.View the photos from this clearance
  • L. Baxter (Luton, Bedfordshire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    The lads turned up right on time, were extremely polite and efficient and made what could have been a harrowing time much easier to cope with. Plus great value! Thank you very much indeed.View the photos from this clearance
  • Mr P. Jones (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    We found Abacus to be prompt, reliable and very efficient in their handling and removal of our house contennts. Very pleasant, friendly and would recommend them to anyone.View the photos from this clearance
  • S. J. Gell (Morecambe, Lancaster) said:
    Scanned testimony
    customer-testimonial67-scannedThe team arrived on time, quickly cleared the property. They were all very pleasant, polite and helpful. We would recommend them to anyone.View the photos from this clearance
  • D. Fraser (Argyll, Scotland) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Abacus turned up early and were happy to wait until we were ready. The two guys were pleasant, efficient, and extremely helpful at getting us through a difficult experience. Nothing was too much bother despite the job needing more time than originally estimated. I wouldn’t hesitate to re-book Abacus or to recommend them to others.View the photos from this clearance
  • B. Williamson (Llandudno, North Wales) said:
    Scanned testimony
    I would certainly recommend your services to others; quick, professional and friendly. Not daunted by a dirty job!View the photos from this clearance
  • J. Rund (Birmingham, East Midlands) said:
    Scanned testimony
    As I live in London, it was important to me that the house clearance was done on time and that it would be done properly, leaving the house clean and tidy for the new occupier. I am pleased to say Abacus arrived promptly and did a very good job. Many thanks.View the photos from this clearance
  • Allan Gay (Irchester, Northampton) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Abacus cleared and cleaned my late father’s one-bedroom flat in three hours. They were punctual, most pleasant to deal with, and they did a first-class job. I’d recommend them to anyone.View the photos from this clearance
  • Mr N.Taylor (Rhyl, Northeast Wales) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Abacus arrived promptly as arranged and proceeded without delay to clear all the furniture and various other articles. They worked hard and completed the job in 2 hours.View the photos from this clearance
  • S. Craggs (Cambridge, Cambridgeshire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    I recently used Abacus to clear my deceased mother’s property. I would just like to say thank you for the way this was quickly, efficiently and professionally handled. The men were very friendly and nothing was too much trouble. The house was left clean and tidy and when I returned everything was removed which saved me a lot of distress. I would definitely recommend Abacus without any hesitation.View the photos from this clearance
  • R. Luggett (East Lothian, Scotland) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Polite, friendly and efficient service. Everything was cleared away as requested and I am very satisfied with how it was done.View the photos from this clearance
  • P. Lancaster (Ambleside, Cumbria) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Dear Chris, Irvin and team (Abacus staff),I am writing to express my gratitude to you for your recent property clearance at Ambleside, Cumbria, which was a colossal job as it involved 3 separate large buildings with over 45 years worth of associated furniture and serious amounts of clutter/junk in every single room.Your team arrived early each day, you were very conscious of my customer sensitivities at a time of family bereavement and you displayed professionalism, honesty and good humour.The scale of the task you faced cannot be underestimated and I would definitely recommend you and your team to anyone. Your punctuality was all the more impressive given the distance and time you had to travel to reach Ambleside in the first place.Your good humour and friendly approach definitely contributed significantly to making the job go as smoothly as it did.Thank you very much indeed.View the photos from this clearance
  • J. H. Alexander (Derby, Derbyshire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Abacus property services. The lads arrived in time and did exactly what they had agreed to do. They were all pleasant and hard working and completed their work efficiently. The charge for the work was as agreed. A good job done.View the photos from this clearance
  • J. Tuckett (Sheffield, South Yorkshire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Abacus House Clearing and Cleaning have done a really brilliant job of clearing my late brother’s flat in Sheffield, I can not thank them enough. I would recommend this company to anyone. They are just the best.View the photos from this clearance
  • Mrs P. Woods (Glasgow, Scotland) said:
    Scanned testimony
    A professional service, from contacting Abacus as a result of their excellent website, through to us having the house cleared quick and efficiently 3 days later.View the photos from this clearance
  • Pat S (Acklam, Middlesbrough) said:
    Scanned testimony
    I have been very impressed with Abacus House Clearance. We needed a house cleared urgently, and Abacus were able to do it at very short notice. They were reliable and came when they said they would, and when it became obvious that the job was much heavier and more time consuming than we had originally thought, they went that extra mile to get it finished, staying much later than planned and hiring an extra van for us. They were pleasant and helpful people to deal with.View the photos from this clearance
  • C. Crowther (Oldham, Greater Manchester) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Turned up well on time. Team of three, very helpful and accommodating. Filled the van very efficiently. All done in two hours. Would recommend.View the photos from this clearance
  • Mr U. M (Lincoln, Lincolnshire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    I contacted Abacus on Friday 18th April to discuss clearing my late father’s house. I gave them a list of items that needed clearing and they advised on the size of van required. Abacus were extremely helpful and were able to book the appointment for the following Wednesday. They collected the keys from a third party, completed the job and then returned the keys afterwards. They also phoned confirming that the job was completed. A very efficient service – highly recommended.View the photos from this clearance
  • S.P Johnson (Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland) said:
    Scanned testimony
    I contacted Abacus on Friday 31st March 2008 to discuss a flat clearance where the aged tenant had died a couple of weeks prior. Abacus were extremely helpful and were able to book the appointment for the following Saturday. The company were also very competitive as I had been put off by another clearance firm. On the morning of the clearance Abacus arrived on time and with two van loads had the property completely clear within half a days work. This included everything moveable in the property and left the way completely clear for remedial work to progress. Thank you very much for your help.
  • Pat N. (Halifax, West Yorkshire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Abacus cleared my mother’s house, it took 3 hours to clear the house as promised and everyone was very polite and helpful.View the photos from this clearance
  • D. Gent (Newcastle, Tyneside) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Booked Abacus for 9.00am to 9.30am. Arrived at 8.55am prompt. A quick and painless house clearance. Very pleasant, obliging and professional work force. Very sympathetic under the circumstances. Would recommend strongly.View the photos from this clearance
  • Goldsmith Williams Wills & Probate (Liverpool, Merseyside) said:
    Scanned testimony
    May we take this opportunity of thanking you for your services, which we have been informed were carried out most efficiently and courteously.
  • M. Young (Darlington, North East) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Guys came as planned, cleared and cleaned in half a day. Great service, well recommended.View the photos from this clearance
  • G.V. Silvester (East Herrington, Sunderland) said:
    Scanned testimony
    May I thank you for your help in the clearance of my late aunt’s house in Sunderland. Obviously living out of the area it was difficult for me to arrange for the clearance of the property but your assistance in dealing with this difficult task is genuinely appreciated. I would have no hesitation in recommending your firm and wish you all the best for the future.View the photos from this clearance
  • R.M. Wilkins (Liverpool, Merseyside) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Abacus have today cleared the house of my late father and so in a very professional manner. They arrived on time, worked hard and with care and diligence. I would have no hesitation in using them again and commend them to you.View the photos from this clearance
  • C. Bruce (Birkenhead, Merseyside) said:
    Scanned testimony
    From the start there was great and informative communication. The lads doing the clearance were friendly, knowledgeable and courteous throughout. They are extremely hard working and I would recommend their service to anyone.View the photos from this clearance
  • Steve M. (Bolton, Greater Manchester) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Just to say the removal (house clearance) + cleaning of the property was awesome, everything was taken and the home was spotless. A great job done. Thanks guys.View the photos from this clearance
  • D. Edworthy (Derby, East Midlands) said:
    Scanned testimony
    Thanks lads – great job, happy bunch. Helpful, quick, will be getting you back for more work. Thanks.View the photos from this clearance
  • J.M. Green (Chesterfield, Derbyshire) said:
    Scanned testimony
    We have today had our offices cleared of a large amount of old furniture, old files and rubbish and would like to thank your firm for the professional service that they give us today. The team you sent today were well mannered, hard working, and got on with the job in hand to our satisfaction and in the time agreed. We would like to thank you for your service and we would recommend your company.View the photos from this office clearance

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