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UK first time buyer help & advice Selling Your Home: How To Market Your Home

House Clearance Help & Advice: Selling Your Home: How To Market Your Home
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So you have decided to sell your home yourself! Now it is time to think about marketing your home. First of all set a budget for advertising. There are lots of ways you can advertise your home at a lot of different prices. Here are some ideas for getting your property the attention it deserves:

Which ever way you decide to market your property make a list of all its special features and that of the area. These might be something your home has, such as a 4 bedrooms, a large garden, or something your area doesn’t have, such as heavy traffic.

Your home might be close to schools, a gym, offices etc. Target the people who will be drawn to these features. “Parents paradise, large 4 bedroom home with a large garden” etc.

We have put together examples of how to market your property:

Word of mouth. Tell as many people as possible that you are selling your home. Work colleagues, (they might be interested in buying a home or they might know someone who is) tell your neighbors, ( they might have friends or family that would like to live near them.) Consider offering a finder’s fee. The enticement of money may make the difference.


Look through the classified section of any newspaper and you will see hundreds of ads… some extremely effective, some less so, and some that have no effect at all. When writing a classified ad it is important to not only grab the reader’s interest with a strong headline, but to maintain that interest with colorful and descriptive copy.

Never use the words “asking” or “negotiable” with your selling price. Make sure your home is priced properly before you start advertising other wise you might be under cutting yourself or over pricing and you won`t get any offers.


You can either pay to have them done professionally or do them yourself on your PC. Be imaginative when designing your leaflet but also be honest. Put a brief description of the whole house and garden. Point out special features that your home has i.e. newly fitted kitchen, ensuite bathroom etc. Place them on notice boards in your work place, in shop windows etc. but make sure you get permission first.

Fact sheet

A well done Fact Sheet can be one of the strongest tools available in the marketing of your house. Every house on the market should have an effective one available. If you do not have a professionally done Fact Sheet in the house, you will be putting yourself at a big disadvantage with the competition.

Sell your home online

Research has shown that more and more people are using the Internet to buy homes. Look around for different sites that offer to advertise your home for free. Remember to always read their terms and conditions.

A sales board

You can either have your sale board made by a sign artist or you can easily make it yourself. Keep the message simple. Word it like… “Viewing by appointment only” and a mobile number that you can be contacted on at all times.

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