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Choosing a funeral director can be hard particularly if you feel as though you are being rushed to get the funeral planned as soon as possible. When choosing a funeral director there are two basic choices, the type of funeral that you require and how much you can afford to pay for the funeral.

Think about the type of funeral that you require

Deciding on the type of funeral for your needs is the first thing you have to take into consideration. As bad as it might sound purchasing a funeral is no different from anything else and you should shop around for the best price when you have determined what you want for the funeral. Prices and costs do vary from funeral director to funeral director so it essential that you ask for quotes.

When you ask for quotes make sure you get them in writing and ask for a breakdown of all the charges involved. As with anything you will usually be presented with the most expensive options of everything, so feel free to ask about other alternatives.

For example if you plan on having a cremation then the most expensive coffin might not be the most suitable option. You will also have to give some thought about what you wish the deceased to be buried in, perhaps their favourite clothing, and also what you wish to go into the coffin with your loved one, if anything.

Other factors to consider

There are many other factors to consider such as do you wish the funeral parlour to bring your loved one from the hospital then prepare them and bring them to your home for a viewing or do you want a viewing at the funeral parlour? If you wish a viewing at the funeral parlour and need to make any special visiting arrangements then most will be more than helpful when it comes to meeting your wishes.

Tips for choosing the funeral director

While there aren’t any special requirements such as training or qualifications needed there are some guidelines which you can follow when it comes to choosing a funeral director. Here are some tips to help make sure you choose a reliable one.

The funeral director should belong to a group known as the British Institute of funeral directors, this means that they have agreed to abide by strict rules and have a code of conduct. Companies should be in the National Association of funeral directors or the Society of Allied and Independent funeral directors.

The costs of the funeral

When making the arrangements with the funeral director you should make sure that everything is to your satisfaction in the arrangements. If you aren’t sure about something then ask outright, if you need the funeral director to go over something then he should be only too happy to do so. Once you have all the arrangements finalised then go over the bill to make sure its right, if you are not happy with anything then speak out. Make sure everything is clearly itemised and if there are discrepancies make sure to ask about them to your satisfaction.

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