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House Clearance Help & Advice: Home Buying: Viewing The Property
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Buying & Selling A Home

Unless you are extremely lucky, you will probably spend a lot of time viewing houses in search of your dream home. Here are some tips to make house viewing easier:

Don’t view every house on the market make a wish list of your ideal home and only view the houses that resemble what you are looking for.

Make yourself time for viewing houses. Don`t view a house if you have only got half an hour to spare. You need at least an hour to two hours to check out the interior and exterior properly.

Be selective. Refer back to your wish list and ask yourself whether the house meets your desires.

Ask the Real Estate Agent how long the house has been on the market. This may tell you something about the asking price or house’s potential.

Ask if the house is already “Under Offer”.

Don`t set your heart on a property by the look of the outside. The inside might need a lot of work done to it, or it might be smaller then it looks.

Write an inspection checklist. This is different then a wish list this will tell you what the property has and doesn`t have. Also take along a maintenance checklist that can help you detect any problems with the structure.

Don’t rely totally on the Real Estate Agent’s description. Only you will know if the house is suitable for your needs.

Be patient. Be prepared to wait for the right house and never make an offer just because you are “fed up with looking” – you’ll regret it in the long run. Most people spend up to a year looking for the right home.

Don’t view too many properties in one go. You’ll only wear yourself out.

Try to create a friendly relationship with the seller. You may end up making an offer for the house, and a good rapport between you can go a long way.

Try to find out the reason for the sale.

Inquire from the outset what comes with the house (e.g. fixtures and fittings). Print off our inventory agreement to avoid any confusion once the sale has been made.

Always view the house in daylight so that you get a proper look at the structure of the house. If you are interested in the property then go back at night to get a feel of the area.

Avoid taking your kids. If you are interested in the house take them on your second visit.

And if you like it contact your Real Estate Agent immediately to arrange a second viewing and make an offer. Don`t delay on making an offer even putting it off for a day could leave it open for another buyer to come a long and snap it up.

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