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UK Probate Advice Wills and Probate: What to take care of first after the death of your loved one

House Clearance Help & Advice: What to take care of first after the death of your loved one
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When a loved one dies there are certain aspects that need to be taken care of during your time of grief, there are certain documents which you must apply for and fill in and people who need to know of the passing.

While some of the things can be taken care of by family members or the executor of the estate, there are others which only the closest family member can take care of. One important factor to remember is that you are never alone and there are always people who can give you help and advice even if you have no other relatives.

Things that need taking care of in the first week

There are certain things that will need to be taken care of as soon as possible after the death of your loved one; in fact certain things will need taking care of within the first 7 days of the passing of your loved one.

You should notify your family Doctor of the passing

The death of your loved one needs to be registered with the register office

Get in touch with a funeral director to begin making arrangements for the funeral

Let the Social Security office know of the death of your loved one

If your loved one was receiving any benefits notify the relevant places

These are the most important factors that have to be taken care of during the first week, there are many other things which will have to be taken care of as early as possible but which can wait until you have informed and taken care of the above.

After informing the above the next people you will have to inform are the executor of the estate if one has been defined by a will, this will allow them to begin the process of sorting out the estate of the deceased. If no will has been written then it will have to be decided who is going to take care of the deceased estate and to apply for letters of administration.

Following these you can then move onto other people who will need to know of the death of your loved one, not only will you have to inform people but you may also have to supply certain documents to the relevant people and arrange for any outstanding debts to be taken of by the executor of the estate.

Other people you have to notify could include, any banks and building societies, life insurance, house insurance and home insurance companies, hire purchase or loan companies and of course the mortgage provider if there is any outstanding mortgage repayments left owning.

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