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House Clearance Help & Advice: Tips for selling your loved one’s home
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After the shock of losing your loved one and all the other arrangements have been taken care of then if the deceased left property behind it will be the job of the nearest relative to make the decision of what to do with the home.

This usually means putting the home up for sale, in order to get the best price possible for the home there are a few factors you should take into consideration before putting it up for sale, here are some tips to help you.

The average viewer of a home will make about 18 viewings before deciding whether to buy or not, most of the time first impressions count so there is a lot you can do to make sure of a lasting impression when you get someone viewing your home. The majority of people make their first impressions within the first 30 seconds of viewing; the first thing they see is obviously the front of the house when they pull up so this is where you should start.

The smallest things can make a huge difference so start by trimming the lawns, dead head the flowers, weed, pick up leaves and paint fences e.t.c.

Go around the home and spring clean everything, this includes cleaning windows, carpets and everything else which could benefit from a bit of a lift. Leaving the home sparkling clean and smelling fresh will leave a lasting first impression.

If there are any little odd jobs that need doing such as fixing a leaking tap or cracked tiles then repair these before putting the house up for sale.

We all accumulate clutter, if there is clutter then go from room to room de-cluttering. There is nothing more off-putting than walking around and viewing a home that is full of clutter and disorganisation. If the home is cluttered it also appears smaller whereas less clutter makes it seem like there is more space and people generally are looking for space.

Give the walls a fresh coat of paint inside, the fact is that homes with neutral colour walls sell quicker than any other. If there are any political or religious statements around the home then remove them before putting the home up for sale.

If there are pets in the home or there has been pets then make sure that all traces of any pets are eliminated, go around deodorising the home and removing any pet hairs from furniture.

Make sure that each room is clearly laid out, for example don’t have computer furniture in the bedroom, make sure that people know it is a bedroom.

Make sure the lighting is adequate throughout the home, subtle lighting will make a lasting good first impression then bright lighting, however don’t lead people to think that the lighting has been turned down low to hide anything. It should be subtle yet bright enough for people to get a good view of the property.

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