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If you have lost your mother or father then dealing with the grief and getting through this tragic time with someone by your side is essential, while the majority of time it is your spouse or partner that can help you get through it could also be a brother or sister or other close family member. Whoever is there by your side to help get you through this time will find it hard and it is important that they as well as you understand the grieving process.

During this time the loss of your loved one will feel like agony and you may feel as though your whole world has fallen apart. The first couple of weeks or even months will be the hardest part and as a couple you will have to be very understanding and supportive of your partner and their feelings while dealing with the loss yourself.

There are many different stages to the grieving process and these usually follow on one from the other, the first feelings to hit those left behind are disbelief and shock. These feelings will even be present if the death was to be expected, say in the case of someone being ill for any period if time, it doesn’t however detract from feelings of disbelief that your loved one has finally passed away.

The feeling of shock then turns to yearning and anxiety, this means simply that you are missing the person being in your life and thoughts are turning to how you are going to manage and cope with them not being in your life again.

Feelings of anger then come into play, anger at God for letting this happen and taking your loved one, anger at the world around you and others who still have their parents with them and perhaps don’t appreciate them and even anger focused at the person who passed away for leaving you. These are all natural and normal feelings associated with losing a loved one.

Finally intense sadness and getting on with your life the best way you can will crop up, intense sadness can last for a very long period of time although usually it will lessen with time. It is not unnatural for the person to feel like crying and indeed break out into tears at the very slightest thing, this could be a thought or memory or something as simple as hearing a song on the radio or at your loved ones favourite time of the day. Again these are all natural thoughts and feelings which you should just accept and let go. Eventually time passes and while you never forget about your loved one you do carry on with your life and eventually find you are smiling and enjoying life again.

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