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If you have to sell the home of your loved one then it is imperative that you find a good estate agent with which to put the home up for sale. Finding an estate agent who is competent and can sell the home quickly is to your advantage, there are many of them out there but you don’t want to list the home and have it sitting around for a long time, so here are some tips to help you get the most out of choosing an agent.

When looking to choose an estate agent doing a little homework beforehand can help you sell your home much quicker. It is in your best interest to visit several different ones before making the final decision of which one to list the home with. Listed below are some of the questions which you should ask the estate agent before deciding.

Consider how they will sell your home, do they advertise in newspapers, real estate magazines, and the radio on the internet? The wider scope of advertisement then the more chance they have of people seeing your home.

Ask the estate agent the price range of the homes that they have up for sale, also enquire how many homes they have on their books at one time and whether or not they go for homes that are in the higher price range in order to make a higher profit.

The majority of estate agents will want a 6 or 7 % commission, make sure you ask what percentage they are asking for and see if they will go a little lower. However don’t expect them to go too low or his could mean that they have little interest in pushing to sell your home.

Make sure you understand the terms of the contract that you sign up for with them when it comes to selling your home. For example you don’t want to be tied into a long contract that you can’t get out of if they don’t seem to be getting anywhere when it comes to selling your home. Avoid any estate agent that requires you to be locked in with them for a year as this is a very long time if there is little interest in the home.

Make sure that the estate agent has a good track record; this means that you should check how many homes they have sold against those that they haven’t and how long roughly it takes for them to sell a property once it is listed with them.

Make sure that you feel comfortable with the estate agent and you feel happy to leave your home in their hands, when it to price they should give you good information and be totally honest about the chances of selling the home for the price you are asking, while suggesting reasonable alternatives as to how much you could go down in price.

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