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Dealing with the loss of a loved one is hard enough without having to worry about the expense of arranging a funeral, yet it is something which we all have to do when we lose a loved one. Funerals are expensive without a doubt and it is essential that you look into any help that you might be entitled to receiving with the cost of the funeral.

It is usual practice for the cost of the funeral to be paid for by the deceased’s estate, this means that the cost is taken from any possessions and property which has been left by the deceased. It can also be paid for through the persons life insurance, any personal pension scheme your loved one was in from work ,or any pre-paid funeral plans that your loved one had taken out.

However if your loved one hadn’t the foresight to take out insurance or a pre-payment plan and they have no possessions of any value or property, then the cost of the funeral unfortunately falls on the deceased’s loved ones. If this is the case then it is quite possible that you can get help paying for the cost of the funeral from the state.

The first thing the state will want to know before deciding how much you may be entitled to, is if your loved one held any savings in an bank or building society account. If they did then this account will be frozen, when you produce a death certificate however £5000 will be released from the account.

You should also check to make sure that the deceased isn’t owed any Social Security benefits. If you or your partner is receiving any benefits from the state then this will help towards you claiming costs for the funeral. Benefits such as working family tax credit, job seekers allowance, council tax and income support all count towards benefits which could mean you get help.

If you receive any of these then you might be entitled to a funeral payment from the social fund, you should always enquire at your local Social Security office. One important thing to remember is that any funeral payment paid to you to help with the cost of the funeral from the social fund will have to be paid back from the deceased’s estate eventually, if there is one. However this doesn’t mean any possessions or home that has been left to a surviving partner.

It is becoming increasingly popular for people to purchase pre-paid funeral plans, this can be an enormous relief for those left behind. Not only when it comes to paying for the funeral costs but also when it comes to choosing the funeral ceremony and type of funeral. If you are thinking of purchasing a plan then it is essential that you shop around for the best deal, prices do vary. You should also ensure that the plan is kept up to date and to make sure your relatives know where the documentation is for the policy and what’s included.

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